1. Swords
    • East
    • morning
    • spring
    • Fire or Air
    • intellect
    • thoughts, communication
    • going within
    • painful
    • mind, decisions, S/M
  2. Cups
    • Water
    • Autumn
    • West
    • Twilight
    • Imagination, dreams
    • heart, love
    • intuition, feelings (mainly happy)
  3. Wands
    • South
    • Noon
    • Summer
    • Fire
    • Action, movement
    • growth
    • phallic symbols
  4. Pentacles
    • North
    • Winter
    • Midnight
    • Earth (sacred & holy)
    • money, coins
    • physical reality
    • bodies, health
    • home
    • bridge to Spirit
    • career, abundance

    • **10 of Pentacles moves to mystery of the cards**
  5. Aces
    Court cards
    • Aces - hold the basis for each suit
    • Court cards resonate with the suit
    • Reversal of positive card is shadowy; reversal of a shadowy card is positive or unblocking
    • Look to horse to see what horse is doing
    • 10s represent having more than enough to share
  6. Major Arcana
    • Life lesson cards
    • map
    • Fool's Journey
    • Self - actualization
    • Multi-layered
  7. Image Upload 2The Fool
    • Innocent
    • Pure
    • Element - air
  8. Image Upload 4Magician
    • Commands all elements
    • Eternal movement of energy
    • As above, so below

    The wand represents Fire, the cup Water, the sword Air and the pentacle Earth. In Crowley's words: With the Wand createth he, with the Cup preserveth he, with the Dagger destroyeth he and with the Coin redeemeth he

    Lemniscate - infinity
  9. Image Upload 6High Priestess
    • Wisdom - Women's intuition
    • Divine Feminine
    • Moon Goddess

    • Quick Keywords - Secrecy, things not all they seem, intuition, mystery, all things feminine, moon, moon cycles, hidden mysteries of nature and
    • science, all things watery, power in silence and contemplation, keeping secrets, psychic, strength and power of the feminine, passive, receptive, strength through non-action, aloof, secretive, externally unemotional, inner feelings hidden.

    • Colours - Mostly blue (emotions and watery- cool colour, representing emotions, yet somehow cool, unemotional and detached), and black and white (contrast between material and spiritual, yin/yang
    • male/female), white-spiritual.

    • Symbols - The pillars are from King Solomon’s temple, can also be male and female- she sits in the space between them, opening, gateway. Tora – 5 books of Moses, book of knowledge. Moon crown- Egyptian Isis mother of Horus- moons either
    • side and sun (Horus) in centre waiting to be born, also 3 phases of moon- waxing, waning and full (or new). Pomegranates- a symbol for righteousness.

    • Meaning - Trust your intuition, tap into your inner guidance system through relaxation and meditation. There may be things hidden. It is unlikely that you have got the full facts and information to make a
    • decision. You may have to ask probing questions to get all the information you need. You might only discover the right questions to ask through meditation or by paying attention to your dreams.

    The High Priestess can represent a third party in a love triangle or an undisclosed third party, who has an impact from a distance on a business relationship.
  10. Image Upload 8Empress
    • Powerful - higher than queen
    • Earth mother, nurturer
    • love, aphrodite
  11. Image Upload 10Emperor
    • The Great Father
    • Highest Secular Leader
    • Temporal, worldly power

    • Quick Keywords - External power, authority, strength, fairness, father figure, male energy, government and worldly power, leadership, will
    • power, self-control acquired through experience, discipline, stately, commanding, executive, traditional, inflexible, rules, conventions, male energy.

    • Colours - Dominant Colours are Red and Orange.
    • Red is colour of the base chakra, represents energy, fire, making things happen, material power and strength. Red is the colour of Aries, a fire sign.
    • Orange- power, authority, outer strength, orange mountains.

    Symbols - Egyptian ankh- symbol of life, health, happiness and immortality, holder has total power of life and death. The Orb and Sceptre - symbol of power and authority. Rams Heads on throne- sign of Aries, God of War. Long grey beard – wisdom of ages and experience. Armour- warrior, form of defence (physical or psychological).

    • Meaning - As a person, often means a person with authority such as a doctor or lawyer. It is also about making your physical presence and mark in the world.
    • It represents external power, strength and presence
    • without a need to be showy. It can also point towards very strong male energy and a father type figure. This is someone where rules, discipline and structure are very important and are rigorously imposed on everyone else.
  12. Image Upload 12Hierophant
    • Priest (Pope)
    • Religious, spiritual leader
    • Guards keys to the kingdom

    • Quick Keywords - Inner Power, Advisor, Counsellor, Teacher, education, seeker of knowledge and wisdom, preference for orthodox and conventional, need to conform and to be socially acceptable, priest, religious person, religion, respect, ceremony, accept discipline, judgment, expert, belief systems, seeking a deeper Meaning, honouring
    • ritual and ceremony and tradition, part of a team or an organisation, official learning in structured groups with established rules and assigned procedures beliefs, inner sense of obedience, inner authority and responsibility

    • Colours - Mostly red indicating power and authority. Some white- spiritual.
    • Cold stone grey pillars – grey wisdom.

    • Symbols - Two pillars - indicate balance and looking at both sides of something.
    • Crown and the sceptre- triple tiered papal crown and cross – earth and body, mind, spirit and consciousness. Roses and lilies on clothes – emotion and logic. Crossed keys- access to secret knowledge.
    • Hand gesture - “The Blessing”, forming a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

    Meaning - As a person, the Hierophant will often have the role of an advisor, counsellor, teacher or someone who is an expert in their field, who can give you guidance. For yourself this is about developing the inner qualities of balance alongside the outer power. It is also dealing with your own beliefs, whether religious or spiritual and whether you are being true to yourself or you blindly following the dogma of others.
  13. Lovers
    • Divinely blessed
    • passion, however choose to love
    • How we connect to the OtherImage Upload 14
  14. ChariotImage Upload 16
    • Moving away from the city
    • driven by will to where you want to go

    • Quick Keywords
    • Journey, being in control, balance, focused action,
    • will power, self-control, discipline, leadership, energy, forward
    • motion, charisma and force of personality.
    • Colours
    • This card is mostly yellow, which is colour of the sun,
    • of the Solar plexus and of internal power. There is also a lot of blue,
    • which is logic and communication. This is a card of balance.
    • Symbols
    • The sphinxes, which are half man and half beast represent
    • duality, yin and yang, black and white, and that there are two sides
    • to everything, including the internal and the external.
    • The driver is controlling the chariot without any reins,
    • so this is also about the power of the mind and concentrated focus,
    • particularly where you are dealing with opposing forces, to get where
    • you want to go in any situation.
    • Meaning
    • It can often symbolize travel, both physically and
    • mentally. It represents a change of direction, as well as more focus
    • needed on the direction.
    • It is about action and also seeking help where needed.
    • It is preparing for the action of a journey, both mentally and
    • physically.
    • Take control of where you want to go, be firm and
    • assertive without being aggressive. Be in control of your emotions.
  15. Image Upload 18Strength
    • infinity (lemniscate)
    • 'dominance' with love
    • duality flowing between the wild/divine
    • how we can tame our shadow self (shadow side)
  16. Hermit
    • loner
    • loner searching
    • loner on a spiritual search
    • searching for truth
    • looking for inner truth
    • may need a spiritual teacherImage Upload 20
    • may need some space/alone time
  17. Wheeel of FortuneImage Upload 22
    • Fate , chance
    • life, change
    • wild card of Life
  18. Image Upload 24Justice
    • karma
    • No blindfold
    • discernment
    • balance
    • what's behind her is veiled
    • truth and compassion
    • decisions
  19. Hanged Man
    • Has a halo
    • not confined really
    • sacrifical
    • surrender of ego
    • unconditional loveImage Upload 26
  20. Image Upload 28Death
    • darker card
    • is actual true physical death sometimes though rarely
    • big ending before a transformation
    • night - sun is setting
  21. TemperanceImage Upload 30
    • twilight comes to terms
    • coming back to balance
    • pouring cups back & forth making infinity sybmol
  22. Image Upload 32Devil
    • giving away power
    • fear
    • bound by own internal conflict /our own drama
    • self-sabatoge
    • opposite of lovers
    • lack of will
  23. TowerImage Upload 34
    • disaster with a purpose that we don't realize
    • sudden change we're unprepared to deal with right then liberation in the end
    • what do I need to change before the universe does it for me (which isn't always so gentle)

    • **Keep in mind that the tower is falling for a reason: it has become weak and obsolete. It must come down in order to clear the way for something
    • better. But, something better will only come about if lessons were learned.
  24. Star
    • healing
    • hope
    • divine blessings
  25. Moon
    • The test of the soul
    • warning card about psychic power
    • seductive and scary
    • word of God coming from moon
    • subconscious
    • deep fears - fears so deep they are even of losing the mind
    • women's intuition
    • reptilian mind
  26. Sun
    • happily ever after
    • rebirth but not as the fool - we've chosen happiness
    • chosen simplicity
  27. Judgement
    • moral is: the final judgement call
    • You are judging after this journey
    • resurrection of you
    • soul's wake up call
  28. The World
    • Image Upload 36Culmination
    • completion
    • nirvana
    • moment of realization
    • self actualization
  29. Image Upload 38
    Quick Keywords - Happiness, contentment, smugness, satisfaction.

    Colours and Symbols - This card has a balance of Colours in it and shows a gentlemen, who look well fed, contented and prosperous.

    • The cups are all upright and in balance behind him. It
    • is a card of plenty and having your wishes come true. It also indicates pleasure when you get what you want.

    Meaning - There is contentment, physical well being, material success and looking forward to the future. This card is also about victory, success and satisfaction.

    It is a card of pure indulgence. Enjoy it now. You have earned it. You have every right to savour every wonderful feeling that comes with it.

    • However don’t allow yourself to get too complacent.
    • You can celebrate your success and you can also celebrate life itself. This can be success in any area.
  30. Image Upload 40
    • Quick Keywords
    • Recovery, retreat, de-stress, solitude, time out.

    Symbols - A knight lies resting on a table. He has 3 swords pointing down and 1 underneath him. His hands are formed in a prayer position.

    Meaning - This is a card of rest, recuperation, convalescence, retreat and solitude and indicates a real need to take some time out and just DO NOTHING. It may be a time of quiet contemplation and preparation for the next steps. It is a time for mind, body and spirit to heal. This card will often show up for someone who is overworked, stressed and worn out. It can also come up for someone who is recovering from an illness and it is important for them to allow themselves to recover fully before they start doing too much again.
  31. Image Upload 42
    Quick Keywords - Birth, pregnancy, new project, labour of love, creativity, ideas.

    Person - The page can represent a child and it can also indicate a person who is younger in age or more immature than the person you are reading for. As a person the page is a sensitive, creative child (or person who has child like creativity and imagination). The child may be a bit of a daydreamer, as well as quiet, gentle, reflective and kind.

    Beware of over-sensitivity.

    It can also indicate a child born under one of the Water signs of Pisces (symbolised by the fish), Cancer or Scorpio.

    The person will often be an emotional person, maybe a poet or artist or musician.

    Situation - The Page of cups often indicates news of a birth or a pregnancy. This can also be the creative birth of new ideas and projects. Let the ideas flow in an uninhibited and creative manner. Ideas will often be coming straight from the heart. It is important not to judge them.

    • The page can also be bringing opportunities for love.
    • It can also be good for exploring psychic, intuitive and
    • spiritual matters, with an open mind and sense of curiosity and wonder.
  32. Image Upload 44
    • Quick Keywords - Sensitive, romantic, emotional, loving, caring, sensitive.
    • Person - The Knight can represent a young adult or a person who is immature for their age. He/she is a dreamy, imaginative, sensitive, emotional, probably quite romantic person. He/she is loving, caring, generous and will help anyone, often to their own detriment.

    On the negative side, they can be overly emotional and hypersensitive, as well as suffering from apathy.

    As they have deep emotions and feelings themselves, they will often be very sensitive to the feelings of others and not want to hurt their feelings. This can lead to them being unable to say No, when people ask for help. It can represent a male or a female, although the figure in the card looks more male than female.

    The Knight of Cups is great for wonderful feelings and dreams, however they may struggle motivating themselves or being able to put their plans into action.

    Situation - The wings are the symbol of Mercury, the Winged Messenger, so this card can be bringing a message. It can be a person offering love, friendship or support. Sometimes the Knight of Cups may come up in reading, when there has previously been a King or Queen of Cups and that may be telling you that the cards are still talking about that previous person.
  33. Major Arcana
    • Life lesson cards
    • map
    • Fool's Journey
    • self-actualization
    • multi-layered
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