1. dokein
    to appear, to seem, to think, G
  2. doxa
    opinion, judgement, G
  3. dogma
    system of doctrines, absolute truth
  4. dogmatic
    pertaining to dogma
  5. heterodox
    not in agreement with beliefs
  6. gignoskein
    to know, G
  7. agnostic
    person who believes nothing can be known about existence of a god
  8. physiognomy
    judging human character by facial features
  9. prognosis
    a prediction of the outcome of a disease
  10. krinein
    to separate, to decide, to judge, G
  11. criterion
    a rule or test on which a decision can be made
  12. hypocrisy
    pretending to have feelings, belied or virtue
  13. mnemonikos
    mindful G
  14. amnesty
    a general pardon for offenders
  15. mnemonic
    assisting the memory
  16. phren
    heart, mind, midriff, G
  17. frenetic
  18. schizophrenia
    mental disorder
  19. ratio
    reason, L
  20. arraign
    to call to court to answer charges
  21. rationale
    reasons underlying something
  22. rationalize
    to provide rational basis
  23. sapere
    to taste, L
  24. sapient
  25. sage
    person honored for wisdom
  26. nosco
    to get to know
  27. cognition
    act of knowing
  28. cognizant
  29. connoisseur
    very discriminating person
  30. notorius
    unfavorably known
  31. puto
    to settle, to consider, to reckon, L
  32. compute
    to determine by math
  33. impute
    ascribe a quality
  34. repute
    to assign a reputation
  35. putative
  36. sagio
    to perceive, L
  37. presage
    feeling concerning future event
  38. sagacious
    having good judgement
  39. scio
    to know, to understand, L
  40. conscientious
    guided by ones sense of right and wrong
  41. plebiscite
    a vote
  42. prescience
    knowledge of events before they occur
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