ATI 767 Limitations

  1. Maximum Takeoff and Landing Tailwind Component?
    15 knots
  2. Turbulent air penetration speed
    • 290 KIAS/.78 Mach
    • Whichever is lower
  3. HF
    Do not operate HF radios during refueling operations
  4. Weather radar
    Do no operate the weather radar in a hangar or within 50 feet of any personnel or fuel spill
  5. Auto Flight
    • On T/O the autopilot must not be engage below 200 feet AGL
    • Minimum alt enroute - 1000 AFE(except approaches)
    • Use of aileron trim with the autopilot engaged is prohibited
    • Must disconnect at or above 50 feet AGL on all approaches
  6. Max allowable wind speed for CAT 1 or greater auto land
    • Headwind - 25 knots
    • Crosswind - 25 knots
    • Tailwind - 15 knots

    Maximum allowable crosswind 15 knots when landing weather minima are predicated on CAT II or III autoland operations
  7. EICAS
    Flight crew shall not blank engine vibration display during takeoff
  8. Reverse Thrust
    • Reverse thrust is for ground use only
    • Backing the aircraft with the use of reverse thrust is prohibited
  9. Flight Controls
    The maximum altitude for flap extension is 20,000 ft

    Avoid rapid and large alternation control inputs, especially in combination with large changes in pitch, roll, or yaw (e.g. large side slip angles) as they may result in structural failure at any speed, including below VA
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