Chapter 4

  1. Which statement is incorrect?

    C. chronic abdo pain, by definition, has been present for >= 6/52
  2. Which of the following statements are true of ectopic pregnancies?

    C. and b.
  3. a 25yo woman presents to ED w severe lower abdo pain and greenish vaginal discharge... whats up?
    • PID - results from ascending infection from cervic.
    • there may be vag discharge, abN bleeding or dypareunia but there is no good evidence to relate these nonspecific symx to PID
  4. a 25yo woman complains of very painful periods and abdo pain in the week before menstruation?
    • Endometriosis - needs oestrogen ( :. uncommon in women past menopause.
    • in pts in reproductive years:
    • - provide pain relief
    • - restrict progression of the process
    • - restore or preserve fertility where needed
    • in younger women:
    • surgical rx to try to remove endometrial tissue and preserve ovaries w/o damaging N tissue
    • in older women:
    • may remove lesions or complete pelvic clarance - last resort
    • medical mx:
    • - analgesics
    • - hormone stabilisation
    • - pestrogen reduction or suppression
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