Org Beh CH17

  1. making things different.
  2. Change activities that are intentional and goal-oriented
    planned change
  3. People who act as a catalyst and assume the responsibility for managing change activities
    Change Agent
  4. Forces that direct behavior away from the status quo (Lewin)
    Diving forces
  5. Forces that hinder movement from the existing equilibrium (Lewin)
    Restraining forces.
  6. A change process based on the systematic collection of data and the selection of a change action based on what the analyzed data indicate.
    Action Research
  7. A collection of planned change interventions, built on humanistic-democratic values, that seek to improve organizational effectiveness and employee well-being.
    Organizational Development
  8. Training groups that seek to change behavior through unstructured group interaction.
    Sensitivity Training
  9. The use of questionnaires to identify discrepancies among member perceptions; discussion follows and remedies are suggested
    Survey Feedback
  10. A meeting in which a consultant assists a client in understanding process events with which he or she must deal and identifying processes needing improvement.
    Process Consultation
  11. High interaction among team members to increase trust and openness.
    Team building
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Org Beh CH17
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