Modern American History

  1. The __________ made possible the second industrial revolution in America
  2. This Act divided tribal lands into parcels of land for Indian families
    The Dawes Act
  3. Which event marked the end of the Indian wars?
    Battle of Wounded Knee
  4. What did William Graham Sumner believe social classes owed each other?
    Nothing at all
  5. Who led the Nez Perce Indians on a 1.700 mile trek from their homes in Oregon and Idaho through the Far West in an unsuccessful effort to escape to Canada?
    Cheif Joseph
  6. These typically had 3,000 or more acres
    Bonanza Farms
  7. What was the aim of Carlisle, a boarding school for Indians?
    Simply to civilize the Indians, making them "American" as whites defined the term
  8. After the Civil War, which became symbols of a life of freedom on the open range?
  9. The heartland of the second industrial revolution was in
    The Great lakes region
  10. One significant economic impact of the second industrial revolution was
    Frequent and prolonged economic depressions
  11. Which mode of transportation is usually associated with the second industrial revolution?
  12. They Built up gigantic corporations that dominated their respective markets
    Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller
  13. Included the Cheyenne, Comanche, Crow, Kiowa, and Sioux
    Plains Indians
  14. He wanted freedom for his people, the Nez Perce
    Cheif Joseph
  15. The indian victory at _______ Only temporarily delayed the advance of white settlement
    Little Big Horn
  16. Was a religious revitalization campaign among Indians, feared by whites
    The Ghost Dance
  17. The era from 1870 to 1890 was known as
    The Gilded Age
  18. "Boss" William M. Tweed was a(n)
    Political Boss
  19. Were indicative of the corruption in the Grant administration
    Credit Mobilier and the Whiskey Ring
  20. The theory of Social Darwinsim argued that
    The theory of evolution applied to humans, thus explaining why some were rich and some were poor
  21. This strike was evidence of worker solidarity and the close ties between industry and the Republican Party
    The Great Railroad Strike of 1877
  22. Was an inclusive organization that advocated for a vast array of reforms
    The Knights of Labor
  23. He Advocated a single-tax plan
    Henry George
  24. This Called for an equalization of wealth and power
    The Social Gospel
  25. Was provoked by the 1886 bombing at a Chicago Labor rally
    The Haymarket Affair
  26. Who was the 1892 presidential candidate for the Populist Party?
    James Weaver
  27. refers to the fight to increase the money supply by minting silver money.
    The silver issue
  28. Which institution was hardest hit by the Redeemers once they assumed power in the South?
    public schools
  29. This court case sanctioned racial segregation
    Plessy v. Ferguson
  30. What was used by southern whites to maintain domination over blacks?
    All of the above
  31. He was an astute leader who appealed to whites with a policy of accomodation
    Booker T Washington
  32. This organization argued that politics was the place for women
    The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
  33. He argued that for the United States to be a Great Power, it was imperative that it build a strong navy.
    Alfred Thayer Mahan
  34. The anti-imperialist Reverend Charles G. Ames warned that acquiring an overseas empire
    All of the above
  35. How were federal troops used in the Pullman Strike of 1894?
    To help supress the strikers on behalf of the owners
  36. Which was the one job where blacks and whites often worked side by side?
  37. Who was migrating to Kansas during the Kansas Exodus?
  38. William McKinley justified annexation of the Philippines as the United States
    All of the above
  39. The Teller Amendment stated that
    The United States would not annex Cuba
  40. Evolved out of the Farmer's Alliance
    The People's Party
  41. This party elected their candidate for president in 1892
    The Populist's
  42. This strike collapsed when union leaders were jailed
    The 1894 Pullman Strike
  43. He ran for president in 1896 on the free silver platform
    William Jennings Bryan
  44. Twenty years after the end of Reconstruction, African-Americans in the South
    Suffered the most from the region's poor conditions
  45. At the end of the nineteenth century, lynching
    Was an act of violence directed mostly at black men
  46. This Act Prohibited any Chinese from entering the United States
    The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
  47. The Women's Christian Temperance Union
    All of the Above
  48. After the 1890s, American expansionism was fueled in part by:
    the need for new markets
  49. Was far longer and bloodier than the Spanish-American War
    The Philippine War
  50. This term comes from a poem by Rudyard Kipling
    "White Man's Burden"
  51. Birds of passage were:
    Immigrants who planned on returning to their homeland
  52. an economic system based on mass production and mass consumption
  53. Who pioneered a program that sought to streamline production and boost profit by systematically controlling costs and work practices?
    Frederick Taylor
  54. The Progressive Movement drew its strength from
    middle-class reformers
  55. Settlement houses:
    all of the above
  56. This court case argued that women were too weak to work long hours
    Mueller v Oregon
  57. Who used the Sherman Antitrust Act to dissolve J.P Morgan's Northern Securities Company?
    Theodore Roosevelt
  58. The writer whose work encouraged the passage of the Meat Inspection Act was
    Upton Sinclair
  59. Vaudeville is a
    form of entertainment
  60. The Ludlow Massacre ws a tragic confrontation between
    Colorado mine workers and militia
  61. Which was the Ellis Island of the West?
    Angel Island
  62. Which institution became a pillar of stability for the immigrants as they settled into communities in American cities?
  63. this tragic event brought in its wake increasing union organizing among New York City garment workers and much needed safety legislation
    The Triangle Shirtwaist fire
  64. The word "Progressivism" came into common use around 1910
    as a way of describing a broad, loosely defined political movement of indivuduals and groups
  65. were motion-picture theaters with a 5 cent admission charge
  66. this was pioneered by Fredrick W. Taylor
    scientific management
  67. By 1912, the Socialist Party had:
    elected scores of local officials
  68. He was a Socialist candidate for president
    Eugene Debs
  69. This group Adviocated a worker's revolution
    Industrial Workers of the World
  70. Is also known as the Bread and Roses strike
    The 1912 strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts
  71. The battle for free speech in the early twentieth century was led by?
    Industrial Workers of the World
  72. sought to attack the traditional roles of sexual behavior for women
  73. Margaret Sanger was a
    advocate for birth control
  74. She founded Hull House in 1889
    Jane Addams
  75. was supported by both feminists and more traditional women
    Maternalist reform
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