Am Hist 5 Ch 19 People, Groups

  1. Developed the emergency brake for elevators, making them safe for people.
    Elisha Otis
  2. Proved that it was possible to pump crude oil from the ground (1859).
    Edwin L. Drake
  3. Inventor whose shop was in Menlo Park - he was interested in science for the purpose of inventing things.
    Thomas Edison
  4. Built a power system that could send electricity many miles.
    George Westinghouse
  5. Received a patent for her advances in dam and reservoir construction (1887).
    Harriet Strong
  6. Invented the telephone.
    Alexander Graham Bell
  7. Used a gasoline engine to build the first practical motorcar in the U.S.
    Charles and Frank Duryea
  8. Was the first to implement a moving assembly line in manufacturing.
    Henry Ford
  9. Built a lightweight airplane with a small, gas-powered engine.
    Wilbur and Orville Wright
  10. Man who went from immigrant to railroad worker to railroad superintendent.  Got into steel-making, bought out competitors when prices were low.
    Andrew Carnegie
  11. Implemented both vertical and horizontal integration in Standard Oil, by 1880, controlled 90% of U.S. oil refining.
    John D. Rockefeller
  12. Sold equipment to miners, became Governor of California, founded the Central Pacific Railroad and Stanford University.
    Leland Stanford
  13. An efficiency engineer, wrote Principles of Scientific Management, viewed workers as interchangeable parts.
    Frederick Taylor
  14. The first national labor union, it included both skilled and unskilled workers.
    Knights of Labor
  15. An early labor union that organized individual national unions, like mineworkers and steelworkers.
    American Federation of Labor
  16. An Irish immigrant, worked for better conditions for miners - organized strikes and helped workers.
    Mary Harris Jones
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