Am Hist 5 Ch 19 Vocabulary

  1. A shift of population from primarily rural/agrarian to primarily urban/industrial.
  2. Period of rapid growth in U.S. manufacturing in the late 1800's.
    Second Industrial Revolution
  3. A way to manufacture steel more quickly and cheaply by blasting hot air through molten iron to eliminate impurities.
    Bessemer Process
  4. Exclusive rights to make or sell inventions.
  5. Businesses that sell portions of ownership called stock shares.
  6. Ownership of businesses involved in each step of a manufacturing process.
    Vertical Integration
  7. Owning all businesses in a certain field.
    Horizontal Integration.
  8. Legal arrangement grouping together a number of companies under a single board of directors.
  9. View of society based on Darwin's theory of natural selection.
    Social Darwinism
  10. Total ownership of a product or service.
  11. Law that made it illegal to create monopolies or trusts that restrained trade.
    Sherman Anti-Trust Act
  12. Workers acting together to negotiate with employers.
    Collective Bargaining
  13. A labor conflict in Chicago - a bomb wounded many police officers and killed eight.  Police fired into the crowd, killing several and wounding 100.
    Haymarket Riot.
  14. Strike at Carnegie's Homestead Factory, protested a plan to buy machinery and lose jobs.
    Homestead Strike.
  15. Stopped traffic on many railroad lines - Federal courts ordered workers to return to their jobs.
    Pullman Strike.
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