BK117 Tech

  1. When can you discharge agent during fire?
    When N1 below 40%
  2. Overall width of the BK?
    • 2.76m vert stab
    • 2.5m skids
    • 7.78m rotors at 10 and 2
    • 11m rotors at 3 and 9
  3. What level is the fuel at when Fuel Low light illuminates?
    <23 kgs or 28.74 ltrs
  4. Max GW?
    3350 kgs
  5. What ht is the tail?
    • 1.16m from tail strike protector
    • 1.9m from tail rotor
  6. How many bladders/tanks in the fuel system?
    5 bladder cells in 4 tanks
  7. Total unusable fuel?
    9kgs or 11.3 ltrs
  8. Rotor diameter?
  9. Overall length?
  10. 2 ways to activate emergency lights?
    • ARM position after power loss
    • ON position with bty power
  11. What pressure does the fuel pressure light illuminate?
    <0.4 bar
  12. Illumination of OIL FILTER light indicates what?
    Bypass indicator switch is activated 16.5 +/- psid across filter
  13. What occurs if Rotor Brake light comes on in flight?
    • Check lever full down
    • Land ASA Prac
  14. What sump type in the intermediate and tail rotor gear box?
    Wet sump
  15. How many pressure transducers in the main transmission?
    2. 1 either side of transmission housing
  16. Max allowable floor weight?
    • 1200kgs OR if wall in
    • 250kgs forward and 950kgs aft of wall
  17. What occurs if you ARM the fire extinguisher system?
    • Turns bleed air off
    • Shuts off fuel
  18. AC power provided by what?
    2 x inverters
  19. Where are the engine fuel filters?
    Accessory gearbox
  20. Total usable fuel?
    567.6 kgs or 709.5ltrs
  21. Total oil quantity each tank?
  22. Can you start with rotor brake on?
    No. It's prohibited
  23. BEW?
    2081.6 kgs
  24. How do you remove red light on MMI?
    Push the test button
  25. What does it mean if HYD 2 light illuminated?
    #2 hyd system activated
  26. What rotor rpm does the rotor light and aural warning go off?
    95% and 102%
  27. How much fuel unusable if both forward and aft XFER pump lights illuminate?
  28. What is the small oil reservoir in front of the hyd fluid reservoirs for?
    Rotor brake fluid
  29. What are the pendulum weights at the root of the rotor blades for?
    Vibration absorbers at low speeds and after descent
  30. Minimum battery voltage for engine start?
  31. What rotor rpm can you apply rotor brake?
    • 100% if emergency
    • 50% normal shutdown
  32. Best auto range IAS and rotor rpm?
    90kias and 85% rrpm
  33. What does the EXT PWR light illuminate mean?
    Power being applied via GPU
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