1. -nerve cells
    -transmitting messages to or from the brain
  2. Components of a Nueron
    • Dendrite
    • Axon
    • myelin sheath
    • axon terminals
  3. catch the message from the next cell over..converts the message
  4. cable...path that the message will follow
  5. fatty substance
    myelin sheath
  6. change message back to a chemical (sprays it out)
    axon terminals
  7. nuero transmitters
    chemical messages
  8. What are the nervous systems?
    • Central Nervous System
    • Peripheral Nervous System
  9. what system contains the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord?
    Central Nervous System
  10. what system is where the nerves are around the body?
    Peripheral Nervous System
  11. types of touch
    pressure, pain, and temperature
  12. doing something without actually thinking about it
    Autonomic Sense
  13. some effects of Fight or Flight
    • -increased heart rate
    • -respiration
    • -presperation
    • -pupil contraction and dilation
  14. what are the three sections of the brain?
    Hind brain, Mid brain, and Fore brain
  15. what part of the brain contains the medulla-vital functions
  16. what does Pons control?
    movement, alertness, attention, sleep etc...
  17. what's in the mid brain?
    Recticular Activity System
  18. Snaps back into consciousness
    Recticular Activity system
  19. where is the fore brain?
    at the top
  20. control system for all messages, in and out of the brain
  21. what controls the temperature, storage of nutrients, metabolism, motivation, and some emotion?
  22. what system control learning, memory formation, desires, emotion, and aggression?
    Limbic System
  23. what is 70% of the brian tissue
  24. what is the surface area of the cerebrum
    cerebral cortex
  25. what are the four lobes of the cerebrum?
    parietal lobe, temporal lobe, ocipital lobe, ad frontal lobe
  26. what lobe is at the rear of the cerebrum and is the sight?
  27. what is the auditory sense
    temporal lobe
  28. what lobe is the touch sensations?
    parietal lobe
  29. what lobe has the motor skills?
    Frontal lobe
  30. what secrete hormones?
  31. what are chemicals that provoke a response
  32. what is it called when the body will self-regulate at a constant state?
  33. what are five different types of glands?
    Brain, Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenal, Sex glands
  34. what gland is responsible for the growth hormone?
    Pituitary Gland
  35. what gland is in the neck and regulates the metablism?
    Thyroid Glands
  36. what supplies hormones responsible for energy?
    Adrenal Glands
  37. what sex characteristics give facial hair, lowering of the voices, aggresion, and muscle mass?
  38. what sex characteristics does breast development and menstruation belong to?
  39. who was the first case study of the brain?
    Phineas Gage
  40. what did we learn from Phineas Gage accident.
    There are different parts of the brain and some are more important than others
  41. what are 3 examples of electric stimulation?
    dystenia patient, the rats and bulls
  42. what are four different brain scans?
    • C.A.T.
    • M.R.I.
    • E.E.G.
    • P.E.T.
  43. x-rays internal organs
    uses radiation
    very clear
    C.A.T. scan
  44. Magnetic Reasoning Image
    not as clear
  45. monitors electric activity
    more constant idea of what's happening
  46. constant monitoring...color coded
    P.E.T scan
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