English terminology

  1. Cystocenthesis:
    puncture of the bladder
  2. Nephric:
    Pertaining to the kidney
  3. Chemotherapy:
    Treatment of cancer
  4. Hemorrhage or Hemorrhagia:
    Bleeding or the abnormal flow of blood.
  5. Urinalysis
    Examination of the urine
  6. Anesthetic:
    A substance that causes lack of feeling
  7. Cutaneous:
    Pertaining to the skin.
  8. Palpated:
    To examine or explore by touching
  9. Obstruction:
    the act of blocking or clogging.
  10. Catheter:
    instrument that is inserted into the body to take or introduce fluid.
  11. Cystomegally
    abnormal enlargement of a cell.
  12. Dysuria
    Difficult urination.
  13. Cystitis
    inflammation of the urinary bladder
  14. Umbilicus
    Site of attachment of the umbilical cord in the fetus.
  15. Anaplasia
    loss of differentiation of cells
  16. Dysplasia
    Abnormal development
  17. Tumor:
    cell multiplication is uncontrolled and progressive
  18. Atrophy:
    diminution in the size of a cell, tissue, organ, or part.
  19. Dystrophy:
    degenerative disorder
  20. Hypertrophy
    En largement of an organ
  21. Coagulation
    Formation of a clot
  22. Morphology
    structure/form of organisms, cell, part,...
  23. Leukocytopoiesis
    Formation and development of the various types of white blood cells.
  24. Poikilocytosis
    erythrocytes showing abnormal variation in shape.
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