DH radiology quiz 3

  1. interproximal
    between 2 adjacent teeth
  2. interproximal examination
    intraoral radiographic examination used to inspect the crowns of both the maxillary and mandibular teeth on a single film
  3. bite-wing film
    type of film used in the interproximal examination. As the term bite-wing suggests, this film has a wing or tab. the pt bites on the wing to stabalize the film-hence the term bite-wing
  4. alveolar bone
    bone that supports and encases the roots of the teeth
  5. crestal bone
    coronal portion of alveolar bone found between the teeth
  6. contact areas
    area of a tooth that touches an adjacent tooth; the area where adjacent tooth surfaces contact eachother
  7. contacts open
    on a dental radiograph, open contacts appear as thin radiolucent lines between adjacent tooth surfaces
  8. contacts overlapped
    on a dental radiograph, the area where the contact area of one tooth is superimposed over the contact area of an adjacent tooth is referred to as overlapped contacts
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