Phi Brows Theory Questions

  1. Why should you remove the client's eye and eyebrow makeup before starting you work?
  2. How do you know that the face is perfectly disinfected?
  3. 30 minutes after microblading treatment, why should the client use PhiWipes(aftercare)?
  4. How many times should the client apply Phi Candy during the day?
  5. How many days after treatment can the client rinse their eyebrows?
  6. Why should the client use Anti-Scar gel for 7 days after treatment?
  7. During the healing period (30 days) why should the client avoid any type of laser treatment?
  8. Why should the client avoid using antibiotics and hormonal treatments after microblading?
  9. Which one of these products is applied to keep skin moisturized and to keep it protected from external influences, such as dust, perspiration, ect. -Sun & Sweat protection Skin Candy -AntiShock SKin Candy -Phi Patch
  10. What is Anti-Shock Skin Candy and when is the proper time to use it on the client?
  11. True or false: Clients who train often (heavy perspiration), or those who are exposed to the sun shortly after treatment must use Sun & Sweat Protection Skin Candy
  12. Why should the client use the PhiPatch at night (for short-term use)
  13. How are you to disninfect tools that are not in direct contact with blood?
  14. What are the two ways of disinfecting the universal holders?
  15. How many minutes does a Universal Hodler need in an autoclave machine set at 134 degrees celsius?
  16. What color does the indicator change to on the sterilization pouch after the sterililization process? -Blue, Red, Black, or green
  17. If using a machine for PMU work, how do you keep the machine sterile while working?
  18. What is the medical sharps bin/disposal used for?
    -Disposable tools
    -All of the above
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Phi Brows Theory Questions
Phi Brow Theory Questions