AR 670-1

  1. What regulations covers Army uniforms?
    AR 670-1
  2. What does AR 670-1 cover?
    • Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia
  3. Para 1-1 What does a Soldiers appearance measure?
    • part of his or her Professionalism
  4. Para 1-1 What is a matter of personal pride for all Soldiers?
    • proper wear of the Army uniform
  5. Para 1-1 Who has an individual responsibility for ensuring their appearance reflects the highest level of professionalism?
    • all soldiers
  6. Para 3-2 A 1 (B) if soldiers use dyes, tints or bleaches what color must they use?
    • natural hair color
  7. What does each service stripes represent on the uniform represent?
    • 3 years of honorable service
  8. What does each overseas service bar represent on the uniform?
    • 6 months of service in a combat zone
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