ADP 6-23

  1. What does ADP 6-22 cover?
    Army Leadership
  2. What is an Army Leader?
    inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals
  3. What is leadership?
    It provides direction motivation and purpose to accomplish a task
  4. What is toxic leadership?
    It’s a self-centered attitudes, motivation and behaviors that have negative effects on subordinates, the organization and mission performance.
  5. What is AR 600-20?
    Army command policy
  6. What are the three levels of leadership?
    • • direct
    • • organizational
    • • Strategic
  7. What are the three leader attributes?
    • • character
    • • presence
    • • intellect
  8. What year was the Army’s first leadership doctrine published?
  9. What is command?
    The authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercise over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignments
  10. What is Mission Command?
    The exercise of authority and b direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative
  11. What are the three leader competencies?
    • • leads
    • • develops
    • • achieves
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