how to get motivated

  1. to achieve your goals, you must have a personal drive, or motivator to engage in action,
    life has constant barriers, or problems to solve, counter thought emotion and effort, and keep moving forward
  2. procrastinating, or putting things off, what you don't confront in the MEST universe, you end up confronting in your imagination, accept thing as they are not as you imagine them
    plan ahead and lay down steps, gradient scale, first you don't want to do it, don't feel like doing it, scared to do it, then you do it in your imagination, role play with someone, or make yourself do it
  3. the 5 ways to address a problem are, attack or confront, flee, avoid, neglect, succumb it, reduce the space from the 2 terminals you and the thing you want to address
    the ability to confront, consistent study and practice, if one can comfortably be there consistently, he can then achieve the skill
  4. all power depends on the ability to hold a position, to communicate from, to be in a location near it, reduce space is confront
    one can confront a book and study the subject, but doesn't confront the physical objects of the subject,
  5. confronting is the ability to be there comfortably and perceive, as one is able to confront one point, or entry level to a problem, then it's easier to confront other areas
    success in life depends not on running away from it, but by being there and perceiving it and then being able to communicate with it and handle it
  6. do it now, avoid double work, don't neglect work order, make a list to do each item is a work order, do it as soon as possible, 20 calls a day, the way to get rid of work is to do it
    everything you don't do comes back to you, don't rely on others, do it yourself
  7. life is like a game, if we were exterior to life it would look like a game, immersed position is self absorption, exterior position is self observation
    total idleness, playing a game on is no longer interested in
  8. the 4 elements of life as a game are, freedom, barriers, purposes, power of choice
    cross purposes makes a game or gives you a problem, some wealthy people have very little to do, and few problems, happiness level increases with getting and doing more work, and solving problems
  9. the ability to make a postulate, to consider, to say a thing and have it be true
    backlog is an increasing accumulation of tasks unperformed, caused by not dones and half dones, that causes failure, not dones and half dones builds up a backlog
  10. get the most important backlog done, find the cause of backlog, monitor the backlog, backlogs cripple future production
    there's either good positive knowing control, or there's no control
  11. the anatomy of control is start, change, stop, a completed cycle of action, slow or rapid start, change, stop
    if one can start something, change its position in space and time, and stop it at will, then he's in control of it, continue starting, changing stopping things
  12. write down all your problems, read one and say i'm going to eliminate this out of my life, now what's one thing i can do as a entry point towards eliminating it, problems of comparable magnitude you could add
    write problem, next to it write what you can do, next to it write problem of comparable magnitude
  13. when you communicate in the direction of a problem your sphere of influence increases in the direction and things start to work better in that direction
    be in motion or industrious, one perishes from inactivity
  14. production is the basis of moral
    decide on some activity and get in motion with it, stay busy, the wrong thing to do is nothing
  15. select the problem that solves the most problems, health, fitness, finances,
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