AS365 N3+ Tech

  1. AS365 N3+ rotor diameter?
    • 11.94m
    • Image Upload 1
  2. What do green pages in the flight manual mean?
    Modifications to the aircraft
  3. If something isn't written in the MEL, what does it mean?
    Means it must be serviceable to fly
  4. When does the LIMIT light come on with gong?
    • Delta Ng >0.4%
    • TQ >102.5%
    • 30% and 70% cyclic movement
  5. What does ENG.F on the caution advisory panel (CAP) mean?
    Engine fire
  6. What material is the main structure made of?
    Light alloy, titanium, nomex honeycomb, composite fiberglass and pexiglass
  7. In an emergency the rear door won't open, how do you get out?
    Can't jettison door, only window
  8. The STEP light illuminates in flight, what has happened and your actions?
    • 1 or more steps not fully closed
    • Per checklist then continue flight
  9. Can you start with rotor brake on?
    No. Has microswitch which inhibits start
  10. How does rotor head account for drag?
    Star arms are rigid in drag but laminated spherical bearings and elastomeric blocks are distorted sideways to let blade drag back and forth.
  11. What stops blades from striking aircraft at slow rpm?
    • Droop stops down
    • Coning stop up
  12. If you lose both gens and bty, what info is still powered?
    • Co-pilots and pilots Nr gauges
    • Stby AI
    • Stby flt instruments

    NB/ Get gear down ASAP. <22v gear won't travel
  13. You're taxiing and hear a gong, what is it and your actions?
    • Cyclic LIMIT position gone off @ <30% or >70% movement from central
    • Centralise stick
  14. HYD 2 light illuminates, what has happened and what other lights come on?
    • HYD 2 light and system failed (<10 bar="" br="">LIMIT light because micro on RH lateral jack which is activated with no pressure after failure
    • SERVO light due jamming of primary distributor valve in servo unit
  15. How many hyd systems and what do they do?
    • 4
    • LH HYD 1 - lower body main and LH tail body
    • RH HYD 2 - upper body main and RH tail body
    • AUX - Landing gear, brake accumulator
    • Emerg - Emerg landing gear, on ground test, on ground brake accumulator
    • Image Upload 2
  16. What is the inbuilt safety system in the servo controls that allow them to operate if valve gets stuck? Cockpit indications?
    • Double distributor valve in servo. If one gets stuck the outside sleeve will rotate on command allowing fluid to servo
    • SERVO light
    • Image Upload 3
  17. Landing gear hasn't come up after selecting up, what has happened and what do you do?
    • Nose wheel centering failed and micro not made.
    • Land on, straighten wheel and try again
  18. Landing gear is down and you have an AUX HYD failure, can you land?
    • Yes
    • Landing gear actuators has mechanical locks locking them in place
  19. You select landing gear, lights go AMBER then after 7 sec go out. How do you confirm its safe to land?
    Speed below 55kts and L.GEAR light will flash if LG is NOT locked. If so, reduce <55kts and light should stay off
  20. GEN 1 and BTY SW 1 lights illuminate?
    • Short circuit in PP9 which protects bty PP7 and PP8 busses
    • Image Upload 4
  21. What does the Shed Bus switch do?
    • Used for load shedding of busbars PP8 and
    • PP9
    • Image Upload 5
  22. Where can you find the items that are shed?
    FHM St. 7.6 Electrical in green pages
  23. When does the gen come on and drop off line?
    • Online >0.5 V more than Bty voltage
    • Offline < reverse current sensor cuts gen out when reverse current is between 9A and 22A
  24. What protects the battery from short circuit?
  25. Which bus bar does the cabin lighting work on and what happens if it fails?
    • PP8
    • If it fails the lights powered by emerg bty
  26. What sort of bty?
    24vdc 0.8ah NiCd bty
  27. How many fuel groups and their capacities?
    • LH- 3 tanks = 453kgs total, 12kgs unusable
    • RH- 2 tanks = 462kgs total, 8.5kgs unusable
    • Total = 915kgs
    • Image Upload 6
  28. How many booster pumps per engine and if they fail does the engine fail?
    • 2 per engine
    • Engine won't flame out but reduce power to help redundancy holes sufficiently drain enough fuel for engine
    • Image Upload 7
  29. If the fuel transfer pump is U/S on start can you still go flying?
    MEL says yes if you maintain sufficient fuel in 1 tank in the event of an engine failure
  30. What does the Gas Generator Accessory drive run?
    • Engine Oil sys
    • Engine fuel sys
    • Ng tacho gen
    • DECU Alt
    • Starter gen
  31. How do you know the engine Oil temp is high?
    OIL TEMP on the CAD illuminates then look at individual system to see which is high. ENG 1, 2 or TXSMN
  32. Initial indication of low engine Oil pressure?
    ENG.1 or ENG.2 light
  33. How do you know the low pressure fuel pump is not working?
    FUEL light on CAP and PRS light on fuel management panel illuminates
  34. What does GOV light on mean and how do you govern engines from then on?
    • Major fault and both control laws are faulty
    • Pull emergency throttle lever to pilots side puts system in manual fuel. Forward is more fuel, back is less.
  35. Start switch to flight and nothing happens, actions?
    • Go to FAU and check fault
    • If T4 present it indicates failure of DECU T4 monitoring harness used for start only
    • Actions are conduct manual start
    • After start, move DECU back to AUTO and it will work normally again
  36. What indications present on the delta Ng gauge?
    • Delta Ng is difference between actual and max Ng calculated by DECU
    • Actual Ng in digital readout
    • 30" or 2' lights showing DECU mode
    • Bleed valve light (on = open)
  37. What happens if you start reaching power Limits?
    Rotors droop to 300 then DECU switches engines into OEI Lo giving extra power
  38. During training mode, which engine indications are altered?
    • Altered: delta Ng, TQ
    • Unaltered: Ng, T4, Nr
  39. If in training mode and you have a real engine failure what happens?
    The engine in training mode immediately comes back online in 2 min OEI in case you have collective set high and training mode is switched off
  40. What is fault code ACPWR on the FAU mean?
    Alternator failure. Sect 8.5 FHM
  41. How many red FIRE lights on test?
    • 6 total
    • 2 x red warning alarms on dash
    • ENG F on CAP
    • Fuel shut off lever
    • 2 x FIRE lights on fire panel
  42. You push SHOT 1 due fire, what's happened?
    Bottle is fired into engine bay and EXT illuminates due pressure drop in ext bottle
  43. How many air data systems are there and what do they feed?
    • 3 total
    • ADC1 feeds copilot instruments and ADC 2000 (FMS and AP)
    • ADC2 feeds pilot instruments
    • Emergency feeds stby instruments
  44. Purpose of the double one way valve in heating system?
    Stop P3 air from one engine's heating system being pushed into the other system
  45. How is the MFD status page displayed on the MFDs?
    Push the CAP test button
  46. How many parallel trim actuators does the APM 2010 system have and what do they do?
    • 4 (PRYC)
    • They shift the series actuator anchoring point which extends the authority of the system
  47. What is the APM 2010 back up system and what does it do?
    • SAS mode
    • It uses 3 x fibre optic gyros (FOG) for info to SEMAs to help stabilise the aircraft.
    • 1x yaw,
    • 2x roll,
    • 0x pitch
  48. In normal conditions, APM 2010 primary system, what is the backup?
    FOGs run the SAS directly as backup without going through APM
  49. Basic modes for the APM 2010?
    Attitude on pitch and roll and either heading hold or turn co-ord on yaw
  50. If you're flying with an upper mode engaged and have an engine failure, what does the APM do?
    Automatically engages 4 axis: HDG, IAS, ALT or VS and limits power to what pilot has selected at 30sec rating

    NB/ Only selects collective axis IF power above single engine rating, if below when failure occurs it doesn't select that axis
  51. You set cruise height to 200ft but on descent the aircraft levels at 400ft, why?
    1 or both radalts set on 400ft so level off safety feature engages
  52. If you do nothing at the bottom of an ILS what happens?
    BAR-ALT mode engages at 80ft RADALT HT
  53. Min approved temp for AS365 ops?
  54. Max speed for opening/closing doors?
    • 90kias opening/closing
    • 110kias if opened
  55. Max hover ht if 12000ft to avoid entering height velocity graph?
    <8ft or >400ft
  56. Vne at 5000ft if <20% TQ?
    120kias from Vne placard in sect 5
  57. Wind envelope for rotor start?
    • 55kts if within 20° of aircraft hdg, 35kts otherwise
    • FLM Sect 2, 2.4
  58. Hovering time limit if 41°C at SL?
    • 15min 
    • FLM Sect 2.6 Ch 3
  59. Max transient T4 on start?
    • 750°C cont
    • 865°C for 10 sec
    • FLM Sect 2 ch 4.2
  60. If over 2000ft PA, what hover height is RPM 365 required?
    • If >10ft hover
    • FLM Sect 2.4 ch 1.1
  61. Why do you carry out a manual start?
    If you have a T4 indication on the FAU above your head
  62. Where do you find your crosswind limits?
    FLM Sect 5.1 Ch 2.1
  63. Where do you find the take-off/landing data?
    FLM Sect 5 ch 7
  64. Where do you find the max weight for IGE/OGE hovering?
    FLM Sect 5.1 ch 4
  65. What are the difference in indications between a high side GOV or a high speed shaft failure?
    • High side GOV will drive the Nf and Nr up
    • High speed shaft failure will happen quickly and you will get an OVSP indication on the FAU without increasing Nr
    • Nr will only change due power requirements for now OEI condition
  66. Symptoms of Battery short circuit?
    BAT 1 and BAT 2 indicated
  67. Why do you get HYD.LEV and SERVO lights?
    HYD 2 has gone below 2 L in res and TR servo has cut off. ONLY in #2 system
  68. Name all the Hyd system components?
    • 2 x res
    • 2 x pumps from MGB
    • 1 x AUX pump from MGB
    • 1 x elect EMERG pump for L/G
  69. Which systems operate the L/G?
    AUX and EMERG system through LH system
  70. Name all the pumps on the hyd system?
    • 2 x pumps from MGB
    • 1 x AUX pump from MGB
    • 1 x elect EMERG pump for L/G
  71. What causes the LG.PUMP to illuminate?
    When it is operating and >95bar pressure is detected in system
  72. When MGB P warning light illuminates, what are your actions?
    • Reduce power, slow to Vy, checks, monitor T's and P's
    • You have 25min to land
  73. How are T's and P's in the TR monitored?
    They aren't
  74. What indications are provided to monitor the MGB?
    T's and P's shown in the cockpit
  75. How many chip detectors and where are they?
    • 5 in total
    • 2 in engine (Fuzz busting/indicating)
    • 2 in eng oil system (Non indicating)
    • 1 in MBG (Non indicating)
  76. If you have an engine flame out, what is the default OEI rating normal vs training mode?
    • Normal engine failure = 30sec
    • Training mode engine failure = 2min
  77. How do you change the OEI rating?
    • Button on collective where trigger finger rests
    • MCP is closer to ring finger further around collective and front button of 2
  78. State the high and low rpm audio warnings?
    • Low goes from 166 - 345rpm
    • High starts at 380 - 428rpm when it flames out
  79. If you have a total electric failure, do we lose the DECU?
    No. Directly run from alternator off the MGB
  80. Bleed air or discharge valve activated is indicated by?
    Blue light on delta Ng gauge
  81. How many Nr indicators?
    • 2 total
    • 1 x mechanical
    • 1 x electrical
  82. Can you still lower the LG after a total elect failure?
    Yes, by the emerg LG system running straight from the Battery(Bty bus)
  83. If 1 x boost pump fails what indications will you get?
    No lights, only a very slight drop on the fuel pressure gauge
  84. If #1 and #3 boost pumps fail, how is this indicated?
    • No pressure on fuel gauge
    • FUEL.Q illuminates when <18L or 14kgs left in supply tank
    • Some fuel will transfer from main tank to supply tank via one way valve at bottom of tank but not all fuel
  85. What is the fuel quantity if you get FUEL.Q illuminate?
    <18L or 14kgs left in supply tank

    NB/ 5 min of flying left
  86. L.GEAR caption blinks if the landing gear is not lowered and locked by what IAS?
  87. Max gross weight?
  88. Max speed for wheel braking?
  89. When do you do the MGB vibe test?
    Only on the ground
  90. What is Vtoss for clear rwy?
    Starts at 45kias then goes up according to graphs in sect 5
  91. If on an ILS, what ht will you level off?
    80ft BARALT but set from RADALT
  92. If descending whilst in upper modes, what ht will the aircraft level off?
  93. Vtoss reference if 4 axis engaged in case of OEI is?
    • Whatever is set. >45kts
    • FLM Sect 2.3 ch 4.1.2
  94. What does the OIL TEMP + ALARM captions mean?
    Oil temp on ENG 1, ENG 2 or MGB is high
  95. If BAT TEMP and ALARM illuminates, what does it mean?
    >71°C on BTY
  96. If red GOV 1 or 2 illuminates what does it mean?
    # 1 or 2 DECU has failed
  97. Why do we wait until <15% Ng before attempting an airborne restart?
    P3 too high if engine Ng high which prevents fuel from going to starter injectors. Once pressure is low enough the port opens allowing fuel to starter injectors
  98. What do the 3 different GOV caution/warnings represent?
    • Lvl 1: Amber flashing GOV Minor discrepancy
    • Lvl 2: AMBER solid GOV Reduced perf
    • Lvl 3: RED solid GOV Major fault
  99. If you have shut down 1 engine in flight, will the other over-speed shutoff work on the remaining engine? If so why and what Nf?
    • Yes it will shut off because DECU's no longer talking so acting as independent engine
    • 428 rpm
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