DH radiology quiz 3

  1. angle
    in geometry, a figure formed by 2 lines deverging from a common point
  2. bisect
    to divide into 2 equal parts
  3. triangle
    in geometry, a figure formed by connecting 3 points not in a straight line by 3 straight-line segments, it has 3 angles
  4. triangle equilateral
    a triangle with 3 equal sides
  5. triangle right
    a triangle with one 90* angle
  6. triangle congruent
    triangles that are identical and correspond exactly when superimposed
  7. hypotenuse
    the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle
  8. isometry
    equality of measurement
  9. what is the rule of isometry?
    • what the bisecting technique is based on
    • states that 2 triangles are equal if they have 2 equal angles and share a common side
  10. what is the imaginary bisector?
    an imaginary line that that bisects the angle formed by the film and the long axis of the tooth and creates 2 imaginary equal triangles
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DH radiology quiz 3