.NET Core 20 Interview Questions

  1. (.NET Core): What is the difference between .NET Core and Mono?
    Mono is third party implementation of .Net Framework for Linux/Android/iOs, while .Net Core is Microsoft's own implementation for same.
  2. (.NET Core): What is .NET Core?
    The .NET Core platform is a new .NET stack that is optimized for open source development and agile delivery on NuGet.
  3. (.NET Core): What are some characteristics of .NET Core?
    • (1): Flexible deployment
    • (2): Cross-platform
    • (3): Command-line tools
    • (4): Compatible
    • (5): Open source
  4. (.NET Core):Flexible deployment characteristic.
    Can be included in your app or installed side-by-side user- or machine-wide.
  5. (.NET Core):Cross-platform characteristic.
    Cross-platform: Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux; can be ported to other OSes.

    The supported Operating Systems (OS), CPUs and application scenarios will grow over time, provided by Microsoft, other companies, and individuals.
  6. (.NET Core):Command-line tools characteristics.
    All product scenarios can be exercised at the command-line.
  7. (.NET Core):Compatibility characteristic
    .NET Core is compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin and Mono, via the .NET Standard Library.
  8. (.NET Core):Open source characteristic:
    The .NET Core platform is open source, using

    • -MIT and Apache 2 licenses.
    • -Documentation is licensed under CC-BY.
    • -.NET Core is a .NET Foundation project.
  9. (.NET Core) When should a software development team use .NET Core over another framework?
    • 1) There are cross-platform needs. 
    • 2) Microservices are being used. 
    • 3) When Docker containers are being used. 
    • 4) You have high performance and scalable system needs. 
    • 5) If You are running multiple .NET versions side-by-side. 
    • 6) If You want command line interface (CLI) control.
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