Pre-test Security+

  1. What is the best choice to provide confidentiality of any type of information stored in a database including PII?
  2. What technical control will ensure that messages sent between upper-level executives are not altered? Also, what would this ensure about the messages?
    Hashing - This maintains the integrity
  3. What will support a use case of supporting non-repudiation?
    Digital Signatures
  4. What provides a high degree of flexibility when testing security controls?
  5. What provides a known starting point but is not flexible because it stays the same?
  6. What makes systems more secure than their default configuration?
  7. What will support a use case of supporting authentication?
    Smart Card
  8. What prevents unauthorized disclosure of data but not modifications of data?
  9. What ensures that systems are up and operational when needed and uses fault tolerance and redundancy methods?
  10. What command can you use to track packet flow through a network and if an extra router has been added to your network?
  11. What command can you use to check connectivity with a remote system, but does not show route?
  12. Which command will show network settings on a windows computer but does not show failed routers?
  13. Which command will show network settings on a Linux computer but does not show failed routers?
  14. Which command shows active connections and other network statistics on a local system but does not identify network paths?
  15. Which authentication service uses x.500-based phrases to identify components and when encrypted it uses TLS?
    LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  16. What is a good choice to create a secure connection between two systems over the internet?
    TLS (pg 51)
  17. Which firewall filters traffic using an access control list?
  18. Which firewall filters traffic based on a state of a packet within a session?
  19. What is NIPS?
    Network intrusion prevention system
  20. What is NIDS?
    Network Intrusion Detection System
  21. What is HIPS?
    Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System.
  22. What type of serer provides port-based authentication and can authenticate clients?
    An 802.1x Server
  23. What can inspect clients for health, including having up-to-date virus definition files and can restrict network access to unhealthy clients to a remediation network?
    NAC (Network Access Control)
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Pre-test Security+
Pre-Test Security+