complete denture final w 2020

  1. what are the consequences if not covering the retromolar pad? 2
    • 1. bone resorption
    • 2. tissue irritation
  2. we know that mandible height is important. what are 3 things of denture can be affected by mandible height?
    • 1. supportĀ 
    • 2. stability
    • 3. retention
  3. maxilla pattern of resorption primarily affects ________. Following extraction, resportion is from _________ towards the ________.
    • stability
    • buccal-labial
    • lingual/palatal
  4. if the resorption is continuous severly, it can lead to loss of _____height of the alveolus. and can have 3 effects
    • -vertical
    • -1. compromised stability
    • -2. pseudo-class III jaw relation
    • -3. compromised retention
  5. what is the name of common oral lesion you can have after wearing denture that has OVEREXTENDED denture FLANGE
    inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia start as traumatic ulcer
  6. what is the another reason you can have inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia other than from wearing overextended denture flange?
    -pt w large ridge and have POOR fitting: not clean well, poor hygiene--> usually complicated by chronic candidiasis
  7. chronic candidiasis can be treated with two diff methods. What are they?
    • 1. Nystatin powder or cream
    • 2. surgical excision w electrosurgery(if nystatin not working anymore)
  8. there are two types of common PREMALIGNANT oral lesion. what are they?
    also, they are transformed into what carcinoma?
    • 1. leukoplakia & erythroplakia
    • 2. squamous cell carcinoma
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complete denture final w 2020