Word List 43

  1. sequester
    to separate
  2. sere
    parched; dry
  3. placid
    calm; unruffled
  4. sextant
    navigation tool used to determine a ship's latitude and longitude
  5. shambles
    wreck; mess
  6. shaving
    very thin piece, usually of wood
  7. sheaf
    any bundle of things tie together
  8. sherbet
    a frozen dessert
  9. shirk
    to malinger
  10. shoddy
  11. shrew
    scolding woman
  12. shunt
    to divert
  13. shyster
    a lawyer who uses questionable methods
  14. sibylline
    prophetic; oracular
  15. sidereal
    relating to the stars
  16. silt
    sediment deposited by running water
  17. simian
  18. simile
    comparison of one thing with another using the word like or as
  19. simper
    to smile self-consciously
  20. sinecure
    well-paid position with little responsibility
  21. sinewy
    strong; tough
  22. singular
    unique; odd
  23. skiff
    a small boat
  24. skimp
    to provide scantily
  25. skinflint
    stingy person; miser
  26. skittish
    lively; frisky
  27. skulduggery
    dishonest behavior
  28. skulk
    to move furtively; slink
  29. slag
    residue from smelting metal; dross
  30. slake
    to quench; sate
  31. slapdash
    careless; sloppy
  32. sleazy
    sordid; flimsy
  33. dilapidated
    fallen into ruin; run-down
  34. sleight
  35. slew
    large quantity or number
  36. slight
    insult; snub; rebuff
  37. slipshod
    sloppy; slovenly
  38. slough
    to cast off
  39. slovenly
    untidy; sloppy
  40. sluggard
    a lazy person
  41. sluice
    artificial channel for directing the flow of water
  42. slur
  43. smattering
    slight superficial knowledge
  44. smolder
    to burn without flame
  45. snivel
    to run at the nose; snuffle; whine
  46. sodden
    soaked; dull
  47. sojourn
    a temporary stay
  48. solecism
    error; mistake
  49. soliloquy
    talking to oneself
  50. solstice
    point at which the sun is farthest from the equator
  51. somatic
    pertaining to the body; physical; corporeal
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