Sensation & Perception

  1. What are exterorexeptos
    Receptors That detect external stimuli
  2. What are internoreceptors ?
    Receptors that detect internal stimuli
  3. What does a mechanoreceptor recognize?
    Mechanical disturbances (pressure)
  4. What is an example of a mechanoreceptor in the skin ?
    Pacinian corpuscle
  5. What is an example of a mechanoreceptor in the ear ?
    Auditory hair cell
  6. What does a chemoreceptors recognize?
  7. What are two types of chemoreceptors?
    • Olfactory receptors
    • Gustatory receptors
  8. What do nociceptors recognize ?
  9. What do thermoreceptors recognize?
  10. What do electromagnetic receptors recognize?
    Electromagnetic waves
  11. What are the only electromagnetic receptors in the human body ?
    • Rods
    • Cones
  12. What properties need to be communicated to the CNS ?
    • Location
    • Intensity
    • Mode
    • Duration
  13. What determines intensity of a signal ?
    Frequency of axn potential
  14. What receptors fire as long as the stimulus is present ?
    Tonic receptors
  15. What receptor only fires when the stimulus starts ?
    Phasic receptors
  16. What are proprioceptors ?
    Receptors that make you aware of your body position
  17. What are the components of the outer ear ?
    • Auricle
    • External auditory canal
  18. What are the components of the middle ear ?
    • Tympanic membrane
    • Ossicles
  19. What are the components of the ossicles ?
    • Malleus (Hammer)
    • Incus (Anvil)
    • Stapes (Stirrup)
  20. What are the components of the inner ear ?
    • Cochlea
    • Semicircular canals
    • Utricle
    • Saccule
  21. What do the 3 small bones in the middle ear do?
    Amplify sound vibrations
  22. What generates vibrations
    Tympanic membrane
  23. Name the fluid in the cochlea
    • Perilymph
    • Endolymph
  24. Vibration of endolymph causes vibration of what ?
    Basilar membrane
  25. What covers the basilar membrane?
    Hair cells
  26. What factor of the sound wave determines pitch ?
  27. What factor of the wave determines loudness?
  28. Where in the brain is the auditory complex ?
    Temporal lobes
  29. What part of the eye does light enter ?
  30. What happens to light as it passes through the cornea ?
    It is refracted
  31. What is the white of the eye ?
    The sclera
  32. What is the color part of the eye ?
  33. What changes the curvature of the lens ?
    Ciliary muscle
  34. What cells do rods & cones synapse with ?
    Bipolar cells
  35. What do bipolar cells synapse with ?
    Ganglion Cells
  36. What cells axons make up the optic nerve ?
    Ganglion cell axons
  37. Name the part of the retina where the ganglion axons become optic nerve.
    Optic disk
  38. What is the optic disk ALso known as ?
    Blind spot
  39. What is the structure in the center of the macula ?
    The fovea centralis
  40. What is special about the fovea centralis ?
    Only cones in this area
  41. What state are rods & cone cells in when it’s dark ?
  42. What happens to rods & cones when light is added ?
    The hyperpolarize
  43. Which photoreceptor is responsible for noticing light ?
  44. What photoreceptors are responsible for recognizing color?
  45. What is the only binocular clue ?
    Depth perception
  46. What are the monocular cues ?
    • Relative size
    • Interposition
    • Relative clarity
    • Texture gradient
    • Relative height
    • Relative motion
    • Light and shadow
    • Linear perspective
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