Project Administration

  1. What is the maximum number of screen available in a project?
    • Up to 3 screens per issue type
    • + a potential screen for each workflow transition
  2. If you remove a status from a worklow, which 3 areas/items would you need to update?
    • 1. Saved filters
    • 2. Reports
    • 3. Gadgets and Dashboards
  3. What are four elements of a workflow transition that can only be edited by a JA?
    • 1. Conditions
    • 2. Validators
    • 3. Post Functions
    • 4. Triggers
  4. True or False

    Conditions are used to check that an entry in a field is correct before progressing to the next status

    Conditions are a set of rules/parameters that need to be met before having visibility or access to a status,

    Validators are used to check/validate inputs during a transition
  5. PA's can create custom fields in workflows, True or False?

    Only JA's can create or add custom fields to a workflow, however PA's can remove and rearrange fields in a workflow screen scheme.

    However, a PA can add pre-existing custom fields into a screen
  6. True or False

    PA's can edit workflow screens

    PA's are unable to edit screens that are shared, or are default system screens
  7. True or False

    PA's can edit transition screens

    • As a PA you are unable to view, edit or delete transition screens. 
    • That's a job for a JA
  8. What is the key difference between a Post Function and a Trigger?
    • A Post Function prompts an action from within J1R4 - e.g. changing a status, or notifying assignees
    • A Trigger prompts an action from the Developer Tools - e.g. integration with Bitbucket or Bamboo
  9. What are 3 characteristics of a Simplified Workflow?
    1. Issues can be dragged freely between statuses

    2. No transition screens

    3. BA's and PA's can edit a simplified workflow
  10. If a workflow includes transition screens, validators, triggers and conditions etc it is a ______ workflow
  11. True or False

    With "Extended Project Admin" enabled, PA's can delete statuses in a project

    However, only if the PA belongs to the project and there are no issues assigned to the status
  12. True or False

    PA's can create and edit transition screens to projects they are assigned to with "Extended Project Admin" enabled

    With Extended Project Admin enabled PAs can create and edit transitions but not transition screens
  13. True or False

    Fun Fact:

    J1R4 was named after one of the co-creators dogs

    J1R4 is actually a nod to an early competitor called Bugzilla, which owes it's name to the Japanese monster Godzilla, which is actually pronounced "GoJ1R4"
  14. A screen is a collection of _____
  15. True or False

    There are 2 categories of schemes available in J1R4:
  16. True or False
    The following are "Unique" schemes:

    Issue Type Screen Scheme
    Workflow scheme
    Issue Type scheme

    • Shared schemes are:
    • Field configuration
    • Priority
    • Notification
    • Permission
    • (Issue Security Screen)
  17. Scrum and Kanban projects have how many issue type by default?

    • 5:
    • Epic, Story, Bug, Task and Sub-Task

    • Basic has 6
    • Business (Core) has 2
  18. War,
    Huh, yeah
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing
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