Final Exam Review

  1. capacity
    requirements of age
  2. cause of action
    statement of the claim
  3. defendant
    party being sued for an alleged wrong
  4. complaint
    formal document used 2 commence a lawsuit
  5. plaintiff
    prty bringing lawsuit
  6. pleadings
    formal documents filed in a lawsuit
  7. default judgment
    judgment rendered
  8. substituted service
    any type of service
  9. service of process
    delivery to the defendant
  10. affidavit
    written, sworn statement
  11. motion
    request 4 ct. order granting relief
  12. answer
    formal pleading
  13. brief
    document stating the relevant legal authority
  14. order
    directive form
  15. disclosure
    procedure automatically triggered
  16. discovery
    process in lawsuit involvng xchngng info
  17. interrogatories
    discovery device
  18. preservation letter
    ltr sent 2 opposing prty
  19. adjucation on the merits
  20. arbitration
    neutral desicion maker
  21. mediation
    mutual resolution
  22. release
    frees the defendant
  23. in limine
    against prejudicial ?'s
  24. verdict
    final desicion
  25. voir dire
    disqualifying info
  26. execution
    enforcing a judgment
  27. garnishment
    judgment debtor, 3rd prty
  28. lis pendens
    record 2 notify
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