A2 PE Attitude and Aggression

  1. Explain the term cognitive dissonance in relation to changing attitude in sport and give e.g.
    • Presented by Festinger
    • states that a person holds two conflicting ideas that cause emotional discomfort (dissonance)
    • Eg coach wanting to pursue youth policy but is worried he will lose games.¬†
    • To reduce feeling of dissonance, coach must come to terms with one of these ideas
  2. Explain 3 factors which influence the effectiveness of persuasive communication and use e.g.
    • First factor- the persuader, must be a significant other with high status. e.g. climbing instructor
    • Second factor- the recipient, must be open to change. e.g. student understanding the task
    • Third factor- the situation, attitudes are easier to change if there are others persuading too. e.g. other students encouraging
  3. Explain the instinct theory of aggression
    • Proposed by Freud.
    • suggests that aggression is genetically inherited and everyone has what he called a 'death instinct', the purpose of which to seek aggression.¬†
    • Later, Lorenz suggested that aggressive energy is always present and builds up, and needs to be released.
  4. Explain the social learning theory of aggression
    • Presented by Bandura.
    • suggests that aggression isn't a biologically based innate characteristic¬†
    • nurtured by watching and copying from role models
  5. Describe the triadic model of attitudes
    • cognitive component- known as the info component.¬†
    • affective component- feelings or emotional response towards an attitude object
    • behavioural component- concerns how a person intends to behave towards an attitude object
  6. Explain the frustration aggression hypothesis
    • Proposed by Dollard
    • frustration develops when goal directed behaviour is blocked.
    • considered to be an interactionist theory because it is instinctive to fulfil the need to release frustration.
    • frustration is environmentally generated and aggression is the result, whereas with instinct theory, aggression is the goal.
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