Organization of the Body

  1. Left
    Toward the ______ of the subjects body.

    On the left hand the pointer finger is _____ to the thumb.
  2. Right
    Toward the ______ side of the subject.

    On the left hand the ring finger is _______ to the pinky.
  3. Lateral
    Toward the side.

    Eyes are ______ to the nose.
  4. Medial
    Toward the midsagittal plane.

    The eyes are _______ to the ears.
  5. Anterior
    Toward the front of the body.

    Nose is ______ to the head.
  6. Posterior
    Toward the back.

    The heel is ______ to the toes.
  7. Superior
    Toward the top of the body.

    The shoulders are _______ to the hips.
  8. Inferior
    Toward the bottom of the body.

    Foot is ______ to the knee.
  9. Dorsal
    Toward the vertbral surface.
  10. Ventral
    Toward the belly.

    Navel is on the _______ surface.
  11. Proximal
    Toward the trunk. (Usually in limb or appendage.)

    The joint is ______ to the toenail.
  12. Distal
    Away from the trunk or point of attachment.

    The hand is ______ to the elbow.
  13. Visceral
    Toward an internal organ; away from outter wall.

    Organ is covered with ______ layer of this membrane.
  14. Parietal
    Toward the wall; away from internal structures.

    The abd cavity is lined with the _________ peritoneal membrane.
  15. Deep
    Toward the inside of a part; away from the surface.

    Thight muscles are _____ to the skin.
  16. Superficial
    Toward the surface; away from the inside.

    Skin is _____ to an organ.
  17. Medullary
    Inner region.
  18. Cortical
    Outter Region.
  19. Section
    A cut in a plane is a ________.
  20. Plane
    Geometrical concept referring to an imagined flat surface.
  21. Transverse/Cross Section
    Cross-wise cut.

    Picture It - Straight up and down through the intestine. O
  22. Oblique Section
    Diagonal angle cut.

    Picture It - Through the intestine. 0
  23. Longitudinal Section
    Lengthwise made cut.
  24. Sagittal PLane
    Divides body into left and right portions.

    Front to back & top to bottom.
  25. Midsagittal/Median Plane
    Divides body into equal left and right portions.
  26. Frontal/Coronal Plane
    Divides body into front and back portions.
  27. Horizontal/Transverse Plane
    Divides body into top and bottom portions.
  28. Cranial Cavity
    Within the skull.

    Organ: Brain
  29. Spinal Cavity
    Within the vertebral column.

    Organ: Spinal Cord
  30. Trunk Cavity
    • Left and right one-third.
    • Organ: Lung
  31. Trunk Cavity
    • Middle one-third.
    • Organs: Heart, trachea, esophagus.
  32. Abdominopelvic Cavity
    Diaphragm to bottom of trunk.
  33. Abdominal Caity
    Diaphragm to rim of pelvic bones.

    Organs: Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Kindeys
  34. Pelvic Cavity
    Rim of pelvic to floor of trunk.

    OrgansL Ovaries, Uterus, Bladder
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