System Validation Questions

  1. How do you know if your aircraft is equipped with ROPS?
    SELs listed on Flight Plan will indicate SEL 03.
  2. When do we do a Full Alignment?
    Before the first flight of the day or when there is a crew change.
  3. What is required if a Maintenance Class II message is displayed prior to departure on a crew origination flight?
    • Only AIR BLEED or DMC 1/3 and 2/3 (both together), require maintenance action. Any other Class II messages do not affect
    • dispatch and may be disregarded during preflight.
  4. If you are in OP DES with managed speed approaching 10,000’ MSL, will the AP/FDs slow the aircraft to 250 kts
    before descent below 10,000?
    Yes. Only in selected speed will the pilot be required to manually adjust the speed and slow to 250 or less.
  5. What is the First Officer required to advise the Captain of, once the Load Closeout is received?
    • Changes in Weights, Wind and Temperature as compared
    • to the limiting restrictions of the TPS.

    • OM Vol. I
    • The difference between limiting weight for takeoff and the current GW on the ECAM SD.

    • The current wind conditions compared to the requirements
    • of the TPS

    • The limiting temperature for takeoff compared to the
    • current temp
  6. During an approach with managed speed, tower instructs you to go around and fly the published
    missed approach procedure. What speed will the FMGC command following clean up?
    Green dot
  7. What if you flew that same approach in selected speed. What speed will the FMGC command during
    go around?
    Green dot
  8. On the EVACUATION checklist, which answer is
    correct concerning the statement: ATC………….Notify
    That you are now notifying ATC of your plan to evacuate the aircraft
  9. What should the oxygen disc be
    checked for?
    Green and in place.
  10. Should the nose gear pin be installed?
    The nose gear pin should not be installed
  11. The yellow light being illuminated indicates what? (Nose wheel)
    Parking brake is set
  12. Is it permissible to have the steering bypass pin installed?
  13. The engine strake (A319/A321 only) should be checked for what
    Engine strake installed (A319/A321)
  14. What should the engine drain masts be checked for?
    Condition/No leak
  15. The single point refueling cap should be checked for what?
  16. What should the fuel water drain valve be checked for?
    No leak
  17. What should be checked in this area? (Wheel bay)
    Hydraulic lines, Downlock springs, landing gear structure
  18. The lower fuselage should be checked for what indications?
    Tail impact on runway
  19. What is the red disc in this picture?
    Fire Extinguisher Overpressure indicator
  20. Where is the APU drain and what should it be checked for?
    Directly aft of APU Air Intake/ No leaks
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System Validation Questions
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