history 3

  1. who was the leader of South Korea
    Syngman Rhee
  2. Communist leader of North Korea
    Kim-II Sung
  3. who was president at the beginning of the Korean War
  4. on parallel is Korea split
    38th parallel
  5. Who was the leader of Korean invasion from the South
    carried out Inchon landing
    Douglas MacArthur
  6. When was MacArthur fired
    April of 1951
  7. who was president after Truman ended in 1952
  8. Did Eisenhower like Nixon
  9. who advised Eisenhower
    "The Gang"
  10. who created the HWE
  11. who was in charge of the HWE
    Oveta Culp Hobby (previously in head of women Army Core)
  12. who began the distribution of the polio vaccine
  13. created the interstate highway system and defense act of 1956
  14. "The Chance for Peace" speech
  15. who was Eisenhower's Sec of State
    John Foster Dulles
  16. provided loans and housing to small farmers
    Farm Surge Administration (FSA) 1937)
  17. deals with past problems such as production of 5 stapel crops _____.
    • Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) (1938) 
    • cotton
    • tobacco
    • wheat
    • corn
    • rice
  18. created food stamps? and is apart of AAA
    Storage loans created by commodity Credit Corporation Federal Surplus Commodities Corporations
  19. who was the head of the Notional Housing Act of (1937)
    Robert Wagner
  20. set minimum wage (quarter an hour), work hours (44hrs a week), and outlawed child labor except for special conditions 
    *Fishermen, domestic help, and farmers do not fall under this act.
    Fair Labor Standard Act (1938)
  21. Talked about why America went into WWI
    The Merchants of Death
  22. it stymede American trade with Europe
    The Neutrality Acts (1935-137)
  23. who started Cash and Carry
    Bernard Baruch
  24. Election of 1940
    Roosevelt vs. Wilkie
  25. transatlantic railway
    Charles Lindbergh
  26. Meeting between Hitler, Benito Mussolini...
    Mimic Crisis/ Agreement (1938)
  27. between Germany and Russia therefore Poland Sorewed
    Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939)
  28. when did France fall
    June 22, 1940
  29. Allied powers to receive lend liece aid; you'll pay later; or return without damage, no pay
    Lend-Lease Act (March 1941)
  30. ban of Aggression; We would enter on Allied side; 4 freedoms -freedom of self expression, freedom of worshiping a god, freedom of want; also called for some anti-cotonial pledge
    The Atlantic Charter (Aug. 9-12, 1941)
  31. when was war declaired war on japan
    Dec 8, 1941
  32. take army and reajust them to civilian life 
    receive education 
    unemployment pay 
    V.A. loans
    Serviceman's Readjustment Act (1944)
  33. What article asked questions about what would happen to women after the war
    What's become of Rosie the Riveter?
  34. fought in WWII 
    1947 Brooklyn Dodgers
    Jackie Bobinson
  35. first African American to win Nobel piece prize, helpedd with United Nations
    Ralph J. Bunche
  36. Civil Rights
    Harry Truman
  37. where you can tie an idea, concept, professor, director... politically
  38. told allot of falsehoods and roomers
    Joseph R. McCarthy
  39. attacked Hollywood, Education
  40. thought to be a spy, cot convicted of pergery
    Alger Hiss
  41. most important policy based guy that concentrated loads to ?  arketect of containment
    George Kenen
  42. 1947, support states at risk of being overthrown
    Truman Doctrine
  43. largely by air alone air lifted tons of goods to people trapped in Berlin
    Berlin Airlift (1948-1949)
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