3rd Grade Government Test

  1. The Missouri Constitution divides power between _(how many)________ branches of government.
  2. Name the 3 branches of government.
    • Legislative
    • Executive
    • Judicial
  3. Missouri's Constitution follows the same design of government as the ______________ government.
    National  (our countries - the United States of America)
  4. What are the jobs of the state Executive Branch?
    • -carries out the state laws
    • -is led by the governor
    • -can veto a bill that is ready to become a law
  5. What are the jobs of the state Judicial Branch?
    • decide what the laws mean - interprets and applies the state laws
    • is made up of the state court system and led by judges
  6. What are the jobs of the state Legislative Branch?
    • It is made up of 2 houses - the Senate and the House of Representatives
    • they create the laws of Missouri
  7. How long is the governor's term?
    4 years
  8. How many terms can a governor serve?
  9. What are the requirements to become a governor?
    • Must be 30 years or older
    • must be a United States citizen for 15 years
    • must be a resident of Missouri for 10 years
  10. What are 2 of the governor's responsibilities?
    • he can sign a bill into law or veto it
    • he appoints judges
  11. What are the qualifications to become a Missouri Senator?
    • you must be 30 years or older
    • you must be a qualified voter in Missouri for 3 years.
    • You must live in the district you represent for at least one year.
  12. How many Missouri Senators make up the Senate?
  13. How long is a Senator's term?
  14. How many members are in the Missouri House of Representatives?
  15. How long is the term of a member of the House of Representatives?
    2 years
  16. What are the qualifications necessary to become a Missouri House of Representatives member?
    • You must be 24 years or older
    • You must be a qualified Missouri voter for 2 years.
    • You must be a resident of the district you represent for at least one year.
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