1. What is your name? (James)
    My name is James.
  2. What is your surname? (Baker)
    My surname is Baker.
  3. Where are you from? (London)
    I am from London.
  4. How old are you? (34)
    I am thirty-four years old.
  5. What's your job? (Insan kaynakları uzmanı)
    I am a human resource specialist.
  6. What is your phone number? (0533 245 25 59
    It is oh-five-double three-two-four-five-two-double five-nine.
  7. What is your e-mail address?
    It is
  8. How do you spell your e-mail address? (
    J-A-M-I-E-at-Yahoo dot com
  9. Are you married? (Yes)
    Yes, I am.
  10. What is her name? (Sue)
    Her name is Sue.
  11. What is her surname? (Black)
    Her surname is Black.
  12. Where is she from? (England)
    I am from England.
  13. How old is she? (44)
    She is forty-four years old.
  14. What is her job? (Pilot)
    She is a pilot.
  15. What is her phone number? (234 11 578)
    It is two-three-four-double one-five-seven-eight
  16. What is her e-mail address? (
    It is
  17. How do you spell your e-mail address? (
  18. Is she married? (Yes)
    Yes,she is.
  19. Does she have any sisters or brothers? (Yes)
    She has a sister. / Yes, she does.
  20. What is her sister's name? (Kate)
    Her name is Kate.
  21. Do you have any sisters or brothers? (No)
    No, I don't.
  22. What is his name? (Steve)
    His name is Steve.
  23. What is his surname? (Yuri)
    His surname is Yuri.
  24. Where is he from? (Russia)
    He is from Russia.
  25. How old is he? (59)
    He is fifty-nine years old.
  26. What is his job? (Lawyer)
    He is a lawyer.
  27. What is his phone number? (0090 312 44 55)
    It is double oh-nine-oh-three-one-two-double four-double five.
  28. What is his e-mail address? (
    It is y-u-r-i-t-h-e-p-u-p-p-y-at-gmail-dot-com
  29. Does he have any brothers or sisters? (Yes)
    Yes, he has two brothers. / yes, he does.
  30. What are his brothers' names? (Harry and George)
    Their names are Harry and George.
  31. What are their names? (Jack and karakız)
    Their names are Jack and Karakız.
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