Home Economics - The Family

  1. What is a family?
    This is a group of people related to each other by blood, marriage or other special connection like adoption
  2. Describe the different types of families
    Nuclear family - parents and children

    One-parent family - mother or father and children

    Blended family - partners in a relationship have children from previous relationships and then may have more children together

    Extended family - parents, children and other relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents
  3. State the cultural influences on family life
    Family background

    Race and religion

    Local traditions

    Social media and pressure
  4. Describe the social influences on family life
    More women are working outside the home

    Fathers are more involved in child rearing

    Parents may not be married

    Parents may be of the same gender

    There is more divorce and marriage breakdown

    There are fewer children in families
  5. List the economic influences on family life
    Cost of living


    Social welfare

    Childcare and education
  6. State the functions of the family
    Physical Needs:




    Protection from danger

    Emotional Needs:

    Love and understanding

    A safe environment that allows you to grow

    Freedom to express your views and opinions

    Social Needs:

    Personal relationships with other family members

    Social skills to help you to cope with the ups and downs to life

    To learn for be effective communicators
  7. List the rights of children
    To love and understanding

    To grow up in the care of their family

    To receive an education

    To be protected from cruelty and neglect
  8. State the responsibilities of children
    To show respect for others

    To obey parents and people in authority

    To learn how to behave in society
  9. List the responsibilities of adolescents (teenagers)
    To be cooperative and dependable at home

    To participate well in school

    To act in an acceptable way in society
  10. State the responsibilities of parents
    To provide for their children's needs

    To help children develop life skills

    To encourage a caring attitude towards others
  11. Define gender roles
    These are learned by observing the world around us as we grow up eg. parents
  12. Define gender inequality
    This occurs when males or females are treated unfairly
  13. Define stereotype
    This is seeing things, people or groups in a certain way which are not always accurate eg. all Irish people drink too much alcohol
  14. Define norm
    This is an acceptable way of behaving in society
  15. Define relationship
    This is something for which a person is answerable
  16. List the causes of conflict
    Questioning rules

    Looking for more freedom

    Social media and underage drinking

    Boyfriend and girlfriend relationships

    Part-time work
  17. State different ways of dealing with conflict
    Empathise with each other

    Take time to calm down


    Good communication
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