1. Scrutinize
    Examine or inspect closely and thoroughly.

    Customers were warned to scrutinize the small print
  2. Shove
    Push (someone or something) roughly

    One even ****** the squirrel aside considering him an over-enthusiastic nuisance.

    They started pushing and ******* people out of the way
  3. Shrewd
    • Astute
    • Having or showing sharp powers of judgement

    She was ****** enough to guess the motive behind his gesture
  4. Shrinking violets
    A person who is very shy or modest and does not like to attract attention

    She loves appearing on television and is no ******* when it comes to expressing her views
  5. Silent
    Very Quite
  6. Slack
    • (of business or trade) characterized by a lack of work or activity; quiet.
    • low or sluggish.

    They were working at a ****** pace
  7. Slew
    Large number of things

    Stress and anxiety can lead to a whole ***** of different diseases
  8. Slick
    Done or operating in an impressively smooth and efficient manner

    Rangers have been entertaining crowds with a ******** passing game
  9. Slumber

    Sleeping Beauty ******* in her forest castle
  10. Smack
    A sharp slap or blow, typically one given with the palm of the hand

    She gave Mark a ******** across the face
  11. Smother
    • Kill (someone) by covering their nose and mouth so that they suffocate.
    • Extinguish (a fire) by covering it.

    As far as pitfalls are concerned, transformational leaders, when not careful, may ***** employees

    I dreamt a stranger was trying to kill me by ******* me with a pillow

    Use a fire blanket to ******* a chip-pan fire
  12. Soaked
    Very wet
  13. Sober
    Quiet or sedate in demeanor marked by seriousness, gravity, solemnity

    Our engineering leader is so ****** while talking that we feel anxious
  14. Solemn
    Very serious
  15. Sophisticated
    • Ahead in development
    • Complex or intricate

    Advanced technology ****** electronic control system
  16. Spacious
    Very roomy
  17. Sparse
    • Scanty
    • Infrequent
    • Scarce
  18. Spew
    • Expel large quantities of (something)
    • Vomit
    • Pour out

    Buses were ****** out black clouds of exhaust

    Factories and chemical plants were ****** out clouds of yellow smoke

    After a long drive over the mountains, kid started ***** out of dizziness
  19. Spin off
    A by-product or incidental result of a larger project

    The commercial ******* from defence research
  20. Spotless
    Very Clean
  21. Spurn
    To get past the risk of ******** avoidance in the workplace, be friendly by respecting each of your employees
  22. Squalid
    Very Dirty
  23. Squander
    • Waste money or time in a reckless manner
    • Allow (an opportunity) to pass or be lost

    100m dollars of taxpayers' money has been ******** on administering the tax

    The team ****** several good scoring chances

    We can't afford to ********* the opportunities like that
  24. Stagger
    • Walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall
    • Flounder
    • Astonish or deeply shock

    He ******* to his feet, swaying a little

    Sonny took the blow on the temple and ******* sideways

    I was ******* to find it was six o'clock
  25. Staunch
    • Very loyal and committed in attitude
    • Stalwart
    • Faithful
    • (of a wall) of strong or firm construction
    • A ********* supporter of the anti-nuclear mission

    These ******* walls could withstand attack by cannon

    Now we have done ****** members who can steer the club
  26. Stifling
    • Suffocating
    • Constraining
    • Oppressing
  27. Stingy
    • Unwilling to spend
    • Parsimonious
    • Ungenerous

    She practices economy without being *******
  28. Strain
    • Pressure
    • Exertions
    • Severe or excessive demand on the strength, resources, or abilities of someone or something

    The accusations put ****** on relations between the two countries

    ******* in relationships is the result of excessive, prolonged demands and expectations

    He ******* his eyes peering into the gloom
  29. Stray
    • Qander
    • Rambles
  30. Strides
    • Walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction
    • Cross (an obstacle) with one long step

    New wealth enabled Britain to ******* the world once more

    A woman ******* the cobbled streets

    He ******** across the road
  31. Subjugate
    • Bring under domination or control, especially by conquest
    • Conquer
    • Gain control of
    • Bring someone to their knees

    Antonyms: liberate

    The invaders had soon ******* most of the population

    The new ruler firmly ********* the Church to the state
  32. Succinct
    • Precise
    • Concise
  33. Succulent
    (of food) tender, juicy, and tasty

    A ******* steak
  34. Succumb
    Fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force

    He has become the latest to ****** to the strain
  35. Sulking
    • Be silent
    • Having long face
    • Be in a bad mood

    ******* is the result of inability to let go

    Kids never ******, if they do they are no more kids

    ******* is equivalent to carrying garbage on head for long time
  36. Super quick comments
  37. Superb
    Very Good
  38. Swathe
    Broad strip or area of something

    Vast ******** of countryside
  39. Synonymous
    • Akin
    • Alike
    • Analogous
    • Equivalent
  40. Talking with Straight face
    Speak directly and honestly even if it seems rude

    I told him ********* that I thought he was wrong
  41. Tame
    • (of an animal) not dangerous or frightened of people
    • Domesticated
    • Disciplined

    The fishes are so ****** you have to push them away
  42. Tantamount
    • Virtually same
    • Equivalent in seriousness to

    His resignation wad ****** to admission of guilt

    Forgiveness is ****** to being happy
  43. Taunt
    • A remark made in order make someone angry
    • Provoke

    ********* is against the laws of speech

    You are tested for your patience when somebody ********** you. Your job is to stay cool.
  44. Terrible
    • Extremely bad or serious
    • causing or likely to cause terror
    • Sinister

    The stranger gave a ****** smile
  45. Terrified
    Very Afraid
  46. Thrive
    • Grow or develop well or vigorously
    • (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

    The new baby ********
  47. Throwing self into
    Start to do (something) with enthusiasm and vigour

    Evelyn ******** her work
  48. Timid
    • Dull
    • Not confident
    • Showing lack of courage

    Easily frightened ******* child, handle him gently

    ********* professionals can't express their ideas

    Be a Toastmaster, rid the ******* you and realize the real you
  49. Tiny
    Very small
  50. Tirade
    Demotivating speech
  51. Toil
    • Work extremely hard or incessantly
    • Work like a dog
    • Work day and night

    ****** for success at the cost of health is a bad deal

    Human must enrich his knowledge and make use of wisdom to grow in this world rather than *******
  52. Torment
    • Agony
    • Suffering
    • Anguish
    • Distress
    • Affliction

    Their deaths have left both families in *******

    He was ******** by jealousy
  53. Torrential
    • (of rain) falling rapidly and in copious quantities
    • (of water) flowing rapidly and with force

    ********** downpour

    They plunged into the ******* waters
  54. Tranquil
    • Free from disturbance
    • Serene
    • Peaceful

    I want to create ****** ambience in pooja room to be able to meditate

    I prefer ******* in surroundings
  55. Tread
    • Walk in a specified way
    • Walk on or along

    Shoppers will soon be ******** the floors of the new shopping mall

    Rosa ******** as lightly as she could having the right focus on your future helps you to

    ******** upon the right approach
  56. Tremble
    • Shake involuntarily, typically as a result of anxiety, excitement, or frailty
    • Quiver
    • Waver
    • Apprehensive

    Isobel was ******* with excitement

    Joe's face was pale and his hands were ********

    ******* to think that we could ever return to conditions like these

    I ******** at the thought of what might be lurking near me unseen
  57. Trigger the grey cells
    Make somebody to think creatively
  58. Twitch
    Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement

    Her lips ******* and her eyelids fluttered

    Sometimes we have breathing problems or we tend to sweat and ****** a lot more than normal
  59. Unalloyed
    • Unadulterated
    • Pure
  60. Unceasing
  61. Underlying
    Be the cause or basis of (something)
  62. Unfurled
    Make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, especially in order to be open to the wind

    A man was **** a mat
  63. Unyielding
    Very strong
  64. Uphold
    Confirm or support (something which has been questioned)

    Every decision has a consequence, no matter which rule is ****** and which one is ignored

    The court ****** his claim for damages
  65. Vain
    • Not yielding the desired outcome
    • Fruitless
    • Lacking substance or worth
  66. Veritable
    • Authentic
    • Unquestionable
    • Reliable
  67. Vigour
    Physical strength and good health.

    I was 79, but still full of ***** and vitality
  68. Villainous
    Very wicked
  69. Vivacious
    Very Lively
  70. Vouch
    Give personal assurance, guarantee

    I ********* for him that he will be able to fulfil all responsible
  71. Vulgar
    Very rude
  72. Wade
    Walk with effort through water or another liquid or viscous substance Intervene in (something) or attack (someone) vigorously or forcefully

    He ******* out to the boat

    Seb ******* into the melee and started to beat off the boys

    We must learn to ******* through the ups and downs of life

    The ship reached the island after ****** through the waves

    Ussain bolt won the 100m run after ******** through the crowd of runners
  73. Walk the talk
    To do what one said one could do, or would do, not just making empty promises

    ******* is aligned with principles of integrity. It is opposite of hypocrisy
  74. Wallflowers
    A shy or excluded person at a dance or party, especially a girl without a partner

    I felt like a miserable ***** at a boisterous party
  75. Weeping

    She was ****** all not due to loss of her son
  76. Yearning
    Have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from

    She was ******** for a glimpse of him
  77. Zest
    Great enthusiasm and energy

    They campaigned with ***** and intelligence

    What separates great people from mediocre ones is their ****** for life
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