1. Impose
    • To establish or apply as compulsory
    • Levy
    • To apply or make prevail by or as if by authority
    • To obtrude or force (oneself, for example) on another or others
    • To offer or circulate fraudulently

    Heavy tax was ******* on imports to encourage inhouse making
  2. Inadvertent
    • Uintentional
    • Accidental

    His name had been ******* omitted from the list
  3. Incapacitate
    • Deprived of strength or power
    • Debilitated

    Richard was temporarily ******
  4. Incessantly
    • Without interruption
    • Constantly
  5. Incredible
    • Impossible to believe
    • Unbelievable
    • Unconvincing
    • Far-fetched
    • So implausible as to elicit disbelief
    • Astonishing

    Gave an ******* explanation of the cause of the accident
  6. Incur
    • To become liable or subject to (something unwelcoming) as a result of one's actions
    • Bring upon loss

    His remarks eventually ******* the anger of a friend

    We have to be cautious while investing in shares, else we ******** significant losses
  7. Indeed
    • Without a doubt
    • Certainly

    It was very cold *******

    She was ******* grateful
  8. Induce
    • To lead or move, as to a course of action, by influence or persuasion
    • To bring about or stimulate the occurrence of Cause

    A drug was used to ******* labor
  9. Indulge
    To engage or take part, especially freely or avidly

    I have ******** into many different activities

    ********* into Toastmasters for last 3 years, I have witnessed significant change in me through introspection
  10. Industrious
    Diligent and hard-working

    ****** people strive to make their country prosperous
  11. Infer
    • To conclude from evidence or premises
    • To reason from circumstance
    • Surmise
    • To lead to as a consequence or conclusion

    We can ****** that his motive in publishing the diary was less than honorable

    Socrates argued that a statue ****** the existence of a sculptor
  12. Infest
    (of insects or animals) be present (in a place or site) in large numbers, typically so as to cause damage or disease

    Te house is ****** with cockroaches
  13. Inflate
    To fill (something) with air or gas so as to make it swell

    Attenuated timelines and ****** demands create stress in individuals
  14. Infuriate
    Make (someone) extremely angry and impatient

    I was ******* by your article

    I get easily ******** by others negative remarks

    Leaders must refrain from getting *******, it is the sign of weakness
  15. Infuse
    • To put into or introduce as if by pouring
    • To fill or cause to be filled with something
    • To introduce (a solution) into the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes

    ******** new vigor into the movement

    ******** them with a love of the land

    He would ******** vegetable oil with the pungent taste of scallions
  16. Ingenious
    • Inventive skill
    • Clever

    Music and meditation helped me in improving my ***** abilities

    The musician ******* created new music

    Anand kumar was mathematics **********

    Carpenter was ******* in making small wooden toys

    Architect was ******* in designing the new building
  17. inject
    • To force or drive (a fluid) into something
    • To introduce into conversation or consideration

    ******* fuel into an engine cylinder

    ******* air into a liquid mixture

    Tried to ****** a note of humor into the negotiations
  18. Insane
    • Very foolish
    • Absurd
    • Crazy

    Took ******* risks behind the wheel
  19. Insatiable
    • Unquenchable (of an appetite or desire)
    • Impossible to satisfy (of a person)
    • Having an insatiable appetite or desire for something
  20. Instigate
    To stir up Provoke, or incite to some action or course

    It is very easy to ******* narrow minded people

    Beware of politics at office, you will be ******* by them for their malign purposes

    War should be made crime and those who ******** it must be punished as criminals

    Do not indulge in ******** discussion on a sensitive topic. It doesn't mean that you accept something wrong but sometimes you do not know or understand managements perspectives. You just have to ensure alignment.
  21. Instill
    • Inculcate
    • Implant
    • Ingrain
    • Infuse
    • Gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude) in a person's mind
    • Administer

    The values her parents had ******* into her helped her make right decision

    She was told how to ******* eye drops
  22. Intact
    • Not damaged or impaired in any way
    • Alright

    The church was almost in ruins but its tower remained *******

    Inspite of many ups and downs, the club remained ****** by virtue of some self motivated members
  23. Integrity
    • Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code
    • The state of being unimpaired
    • The quality or condition of being whole or undivided

    Truth, ******* & Righteousness are the highest values of my life
  24. Internalize
    Make (attitudes or behavior) part of one's nature by learning or unconscious assimilation

    It is not sufficient to know something, you need to experience it to ******* it

    People learn gender stereotypes and ******* them
  25. Interpret
    • Understand
    • Decode
    • Construe
    • Comprehend

    I seldom succeed in ****** the remarks of some colleagues

    Often we ******** smile as an agreement and open door as an invitation
  26. Intervene
    • To come
    • Appear, or lie between two things
    • To come or occur between two periods or points of time
    • To occur as an extraneous or unplanned circumstance

    You can't see the lake from there because the house ********

    An year ******** between the two dynasties

    He would have his degree by now if his laziness hadn't *******
  27. Intimidating
    • To make timid
    • Fill with fear
    • To coerce or inhibit by or as if by threats
    • Terrify

    The acts of terrorists are so **********

    Boss ********** assistant to accept his proposal

    Women ********** her colleague with FALSE charges to gain advantage at office
  28. Intrinsic
    • Of or relating to the essential nature of a thing
    • Inherent
    • Internal
  29. Invade
    • To intrude upon
    • Infringe
    • Encroach on
    • Violate
    • Intrude on

    This new colleague ***** my territory

    The neighbors ******* on your privacy
  30. Invigorate
    Give strength or energy to.

    The shower had *********** her

    If you want to fulfill your desires, you must ******* them
  31. Invoke
    • To call for with earnest desire
    • Make supplication or pray for
    • To call on (a deity, Muse, etc.), as in prayer or supplication
    • To declare to be binding or in effect

    It is essential to ******* devine energy before starting pooja

    ***** God's mercy

    To ******* the law
  32. Irrelevant
    Having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue

    An ******** comment can divert the whole discussion

    Those ********* allegations lead to strong punishments
  33. Irrevocable
    Incapable of being retracted

    Your dismissal is ********

    Certain decisions in life bring ********* changes
  34. Jabber
    • Gabble
    • Babble
    • Rapid and indistinct speech

    Kids ****** while playing to suppress each other

    TMOD role helps to prevent ******** and helps to develop sensible Talking

    I have a habit of ******** in anxiety
  35. Jargon
    A characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
  36. Jeopardize
    • Put someone or something into a situation of harm, danger or failure
    • Pose a treat to
    • Present a danger
    • To Endanger
    • Imperil

    Heavy rains this monsoon ******* road work in Pune

    One bad decision can ******* harmony in team
  37. Jubilant
    Very Happy
  38. Jumble
    • A confused multitude of things
    • Clutter
    • Muddle

    Fuddle ********* up calendar can cause lot of mental stress
  39. Juncture
    • Occasion
    • A particular situation
  40. Keen
    Very Eager
  41. Keynote
    The principal theme in a speech or literary work
  42. Kin
    • One's family and relations
    • Clan

    Any elderly people have no ***** to turn to for assistance
  43. Kink
    • A sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight
    • Twist
  44. Kiosk
    • Small area set off by walls for special use
    • Booth
    • Cubicle
    • Stall
  45. Kneel
    Supporting yourself on your knees Surrender

    Learn to ******* down in front of that great one when you can't see any way out
  46. Laborious
    Very demanding, requiring physical effort
  47. Lament
    • Grief
    • Lamentation
    • Mourn


    His mother's night-long ****** for his father

    There were constant ******* about the conditions of employment

    He was ******* the death of his infant daughter
  48. Legitimate
    Being in compliance with the law

    Lawful ********* business
  49. Let off the steam
    Express anger or grudge that held inside since long time
  50. Lethal
    • Sufficient to cause death
    • Very harmful Destructive

    A ******* cocktail of drink and pills

    Enduring heart attack can be ***** and can cause extremely uncomfortable physical pain
  51. Like the moth to a flame
    Attracted to someone or something
  52. Linger
    Stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave.

    She ******** in the yard, enjoying the warm sunshine

    Negative thoughts ***** in mind for long time
  53. Looking down to someone
    Blaming somebody
  54. Looking up to someone
    Holding somebody high in mind
  55. Malign
    • Speak unfavorably about
    • Badmouth
    • Traduce
    • Drag through the mud

    Antonym: Benign

    She ********** her in laws everywhere

    Prompted by ******* motives, he indulged in office politics
  56. Mediocre
    • Not great
    • Average

    What separates great people from ******* ones is their zest for life
  57. Menial
    (of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige

    Don't focus on ******** things in life
  58. Metaphor
    A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable

    When we speak of gene maps and gene mapping, we use a cartographic *******
  59. Misnomer
    • A wrong or inaccurate name or designation.
    • A wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term

    • Morning sickness is a ****** for many women, since the nausea can occur any time during the day
    • To call this ‘neighbourhood policing’ would be a ******
  60. Mull
    Think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length

    She began to ******* over the various possibilities
  61. Mumble
    • Murmur
    • Say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear

    He ****** something she didn't catch
  62. Mundane
    Very ordinary and thus not interesting, exciting

    Listeners expect interesting, exciting and Knowledgeable speech. They get bored with ******* preaching
  63. Nagging
    Continually complaining or fault finding

    Teenage kids find their parents ******* them about future
  64. Niche
    A shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament.

    Each ****** holding a shepherdess in Dresden china
  65. Nostalgic
    Feeling, evoking, or characterized by nostalgia.

    He remained ******** about the good old days
  66. Nuances
    A subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound

    He was familiar with the ******* of the local dialect
  67. Nurture
    Care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing

    For Sriram, these ‘squirrels’ who take responsibility are talents to be *****.

    Jarrett was ****** by his parents in a close-knit family
  68. Oblige
    Make (someone) legally or morally bound to do something

    The squirrel is under no ****** to help Ram, but he does, proactively, responsibly, expecting nothing in return

    Doctors are ******* by law to keep patients alive while there is a chance of recovery
  69. Obsessed
    • Having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something
    • Haunted
    • Preoccupied
    • Taken up
    • Became more and more haunted by the stupid riddle

    Was absolutely ******** with the girl

    He was ******** in worry for the old woman

    I easily get ******* by programming
  70. Onus

    The ******* is on you to show that you have suffered loss
  71. Opulence
    Great wealth or luxuriousness

    Rooms of spectacular ****** in the palace museum pulled people like moth to a flame
  72. Ordain
    • Make (someone) a priest or minister Confer holy orders on
    • Induct

    He was ********* a minister before entering Parliament

    The Church of England voted to ****** women
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