Circadian Rhythm Clinical

  1. T/F: suprachiasmatic nucleus is the master controller found in the anterior pituitary
    False; it is found in the anterior HYPOTHALAMUS, not the anterior pituitary
  2. T/F: more cholesterol is produced at night, so take statins at night
  3. What’s Zeitgebers?
    Any external or environmental cue (i.e light, temperature, food availability, social interactions) that entrains or synchronizes an organisms biological rhythms to the Earth’s 24 hour cycle
  4. Strong circadian rhythm would reflect a ____ TSH secretion curve
  5. What color wavelength of light is best at resetting our circadian rhythm daily?
  6. T/F: being outside on a rainy day provides less lux than being in your room with all the lights on
    False; outside has more lux in general, regardless rain or shine
  7. Spending most of our day indoors and our evenings with artificial lighting can _______ our circadian rhythm
  8. Adenosine level _____ during sleep
  9. What is adenosine?
    It builds up throughout the day in the brain, it is “sleep pressure”
  10. What is the role of caffeine in relation to adenosine?
    caffeine is adenosine receptor blocker, so tricks the brain in thinking there is no adenosine so you don’t feel the sleep pressure
  11. Blue light is absorbed by the ____ in the eye light pathway
  12. Blue light has what effect on the pineal gland?
    Inhibits it form releasing melatonin
  13. Melatonin would ____ heat loss, ____ arousal and related brain activity, and ______cortisol production
    • Induce
    • Reduce
    • Delays (cortisol is low at night, I’m guessing its because of this)
  14. Fed state would ____ growth hormone
  15. Long term cortisol would have what effect on glucose tolerance?
    • Decrease glucose tolerance
    • Higher risk of diabetes
  16. Long term cortisol contributes to :
    • Decreased glucose tolerance
    • Increased dyslipidemia
    • Increased blood pressure
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Cognitive dysfunction
  17. Fat breakdown, gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis occurs during ________
    • Sleep/fasting
    • (Brain needs food during this time)
  18. Lose sleep would ____ ghrelin, ____ leptin and result is ____(eating habit)
    • Increased
    • Decreased
    • Overeating
  19. T/F: breast cancer is studied to have 20% higher incidence rates in people with exposure to light at night
    True; again, we are all going to die of cancer according to Bansal, should not be surprised that this is true
  20. What role does melatonin play when it comes to DNA repair and signal transduction?
    • Stimulate DNA repair
    • Inhibits tumor signal transduction and metabolic activity of cancer cells
  21. T/F: melatonin is a significant scavenger of reactive oxygen species
  22. When are NK cells most active?
    They are most active in the dark and are key to preventing turmor formation
  23. You should go to be _____ after dark
    3-4 hours
  24. When is the best time to eat dinner?
    • 3 hours before bed
    • (the idea is that Growth hormone is high at night, so if go to bed completely full then GH wont be secreted, if there is some hunger, then growtha hormone would get secreted)
  25. Insulin secretion is highest in the ______
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