Home Economics - Health and Wellbeing

  1. Explain what is meant by wellbeing
    This is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy

    It is about taking care of yourself, having a sense of purpose and belonging to a wider community
  2. List the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle
    • Get rest and sleep
    • Regular exercise
    • Take care of your mental health
    • A hygienic home
    • Good personal hygiene
    • Not abusing alcohol or drugs
    • Not smoking
    • A balanced diet
  3. Why is sleep important?
    Supports growth and development

    Helps the brain to work well

    Improves learning and problem solving
  4. Why is exercise important?
    Good for physical and mental health

    Reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes
  5. Why is a healthy diet important?
    Makes sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to work well

    Makes it easier for a person to concentrate
  6. Why is relaxation and leisure important?
    • Reduce stress
    • Increase fitness
    • Relieve boredom
    • Keep your brain active
    • Learn something new
    • Makes more friends
  7. Explain what is meant by stress
    This is when someone is experiencing a lot of pressure and tension
  8. State the causes of stress
    • Schoolwork and exams
    • Peer pressure
    • Bullying
    • Conflict at home
    • Relationships
  9. List different ways to relieve stress
    Talking to a friend or someone you can trust

    Being organised and prepared

    Taking complete breaks from the stressful situations

    Taking exercise
  10. List the guidelines for good personal hygiene
    Have a bath or shower every day

    Change your underwear and socks every day

    Wash your hands frequently during the day

    Wash your hair regularly

    Brush your teeth every morning and night
  11. State how a person can care for their teeth
    Brush your teeth thoroughly every day using a fluoride toothpaste

    Use a good quality toothbrush and dental floss

    Visit dentist regularly

    Do not eat much sweet foods and drinks

    Eat foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D such as milk and cheese to help strengthen the teeth
  12. Explain how a person can keep their skin healthy
    Drink plenty of water

    Do not eat foods high in fat and sugar


    Eat foods high in protein, vitamins and minerals

    Do not stay out in the sun for ling

    Get enough sleep

    Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  13. List ways to prevent skin cancer
    Wear a sunhat to protect your head and face

    Use a high factor sunscreen and reapply it regularly

    Avoid sunbathing for long periods

    Stay out of the midday sun
  14. Describe the harmful effects of smoking
    Cancer of the lungs and throat

    Smoker's cough

    Heart disease


    Absent from work because of health problems

    Signs of ageing

    Difficulty staying fit

    Taste and smell are affected
  15. List the effects of alcohol abuse on the family
    Family unhappiness

    Family breakdown

    Financial problems

    Physical abuse of the spouse and children

    Negative example set for children
  16. State the effects of alcohol abuse on society
    Increase in crime rate

    Increase in number of road accidents and deaths

    Greater absenteeism from work and increased job losses

    Cost to the state in treating alcohol-related illnesses
  17. List the effects of drug abuse


    Health problems

    Increased crime

    Family hardship

    Medical costs


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