Squire 9

  1. SILVER.  Excellent! (Calling.) Bring out the prisoners!MRS H.  (off) Bring out the prisoners!MRS P.  (off) Bring out the prisoners! (Entering.) Left right, left right, left right….etc. (MRS HENDERSON and MRS PARKER and the WI PIRATES march out with MUM, SQUIRE, JIM and JENNY at cutlass point.) MRS P.  Halt! All four prisoners present and correct, Pirate Henderson!MRS H.  All four prisoners present and correct Captain Silver! JENNY.  All four prisoners fed up with being treated like this. I demand that you release us immediately!PIRATES.  (derisively) Ooooh! SILVER.  You do, do you? JIM.  Yes, she does and so do I!MUM.  Me too! We found the treasure.
    • And it’s my ship and it’s not fair!
    • (Bursts into tears.)
  2. POLLY.  And do you promise to be kind to parrots?SILVER.  Polly! Yes, alright, I’ll be kind to p arrots – you can even go on my shoulder if you like.POLLY.  I don’t need to go on your shoulder. Mr Gunn here gave me a piggy back. BEN.  I guess, three years on a desert island, teaches a man how to treat a parrot .POLLY.  It certainly does. JIM.  And what are we going to do with all the treasure? JENNY.  We’ll give it all away!ALL.  (aghast) WHATjQuery11240570475058494563_1572456876128!!! JENNY.  Well, half of it – at least half of it - and there’ll still be plenty to go round. JIM.  Jenny’s right, there are all sorts of good things we can do – JENNY.  And talking of good things, Jim and I want to get married.
    But, Jennifer..
  3. JENNY.  What? MUM.  (to JENNY) He just wants to congratulate you and wish you a long and happy life together. (To SQUIRE) Just think, you’ll be able to visit your grandchildren, have spotted dick every Sunday and there’ll be a great big cake at the wedding!
    Well, if you put it like that
  4. BEN.  And I’ll take the photos! MRS H.  Are you a photographer, Mr Gunn? BEN.  I certainly am!  H.  Do you do calendar shoots? BEN.  Calendar shoots? DORIS.  That’s a brilliant idea! We could stop all this pirating and become glamour models instead! I could be Miss January! BEN.  I’ll go and get my camera! (Exits.)MUM.  So, it’s back to dear old Bristol!
    With lots of treasure!
  5. (BEN reappears with a large, old fashioned camera.)BEN.  Get in position, folks. Let’s make this a good one! (EVERYONE poses for a photo.)Say cheese!

    Flash bang wallop
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Squire 9