1. Hi & bye (casual)
  2. Hello/goodbye (neutral)
    Salve (sahl-veh)
  3. Good morning
    Buongiorno (boo-ohn johr-noh)
  4. Good evening
    Buonasera (boo-oh-nah-seh-rah)
  5. Have a nice day
    Buona giornata (boo-oh-nah johr-nah-tah)
  6. Farewell
    Addio (ahd-dee-oh)
  7. Goodbye
    Arrivederci (ahr-ree-veh-dehr-chee)
  8. Good afternoon
    Buonasera (boo-oh-nah-seh-rah)
  9. How are you?
    Come sta? (koh-meh stah)
  10. Great, thank you, and you?
    Benissimo, grazie, e lei? (beh-nees-seee-moh grah-tsee eh lay)
  11. How are things ? (casual)
    Come va? (koh-me vah)
  12. Not bad
    Non c'è male (nohn cheh mah-leh)
  13. See you soon
    A presto (ah prehs-toh)
  14. See you tomorrow
    A domani
  15. See you...tomorrow, later, soon
    Ci vediamo (chee veh dee-ah-moh) ... domani, dopo, presto
  16. What's your name?
    • Lei si chiama? (lay see kee-ah-mah)
    • Come ti chiami?
  17. Nice to meet you (pleasure)
    Piacere (pee-ah-cheh-reh)
  18. Pleased to meet you (more formalish)
    Lieta di conoscerla (lee-eh-tah dee koh-noh-shehr-lah)
  19. May I pass/come in?
    Can I?
    • Permesso? (pehr-mehs-soh)
    • Posso? (pohs-soh)
  20. You are welcome
    Prego (preh-goh)
  21. Thank you [thanks alot]
    Grazie [mille] (grah-tsee-eh [meel-eh])
  22. Am I disturbing you?
    Ti disturbo? (tee dees-toor-boh)
  23. Not at all
    No, per niente (noh pehr nee-ehn-teh)
  24. The pleasure is all mine
    Il piacere è tutto mio (eel pee-ah-cheh-reh eh toot-toh mee-oh)
  25. Do you speak English?
    Parli inglese? (pahr-lee een-gleh-zeh?)
  26. Do you speak Italian
    Parla italiano? (pahr-lah ee-tah-lee-ah-noh)
  27. Where do you come from?
    Di dov'è? (dee doh-veh-eh)
  28. I come from
    Vengo da ... (vehn-goh dah...)
  29. I'm from
    Sono di ... (soh-noh dee)
  30. Are you from here?
    Sei di qui? (say dee koo-ee)
  31. Where do you live?
    Dove vivi (doh-veh vee-vee)
  32. Where were you born?
    Dove sei nato? (doh-veh say nah-toh)
  33. Excuse me
    mi scusi (mee skoo-zee)
  34. Come in .. or come on!
    Avanti (ah-vahn-tee)
  35. Wow
    accidenti (ahch=chee-dehn-tee)
  36. Let's go
    Andiamo (ahn-dee-ah-moh)
  37. How nice!
    Che bello! (keh behl-loh)
  38. What's up?
    Che c'è? (keh cheh)
  39. Agreed? Agreed!
    D'accordo? D'accordo! (dahk-kohr-doh)
  40. Come on/ go on
    Dai! (dah-ee)
  41. Who cares?
    E chi se ne importa? (eh kee seh neh eem-pohr-tah)
  42. It doesn't matter
    è lo stesso (eh loh stehs-soh)
  43. Fantastic
    Fantastico (fahn-tahs-tee-koh)
  44. No problem (as when someone apologizes)
    Non fa niente (nohn fah nee-ehn-teh)
  45. You are welcome
    Non c'è di che (nohn cheh dee keh)
  46. Okay!
    Va bene (vah beh-neh)
  47. Why?
    Perchè? (pehr-keh)
  48. Who?
    Chi? (kee)
  49. What?
    Cosa? (koh-sah)
  50. Where?
    Dove? (doh-veh)
  51. How?
    Come? (koh-meh)
  52. When?
    Dove (doh-veh)
  53. Who is this?
    Chi è? (kee eh)
  54. Please
    Per favore
  55. Slowly, please?
    Lentamente, per favore?
  56. Can you repeat?
    Può ripetere?
  57. Please write it down.
    Può scriverlo per favore?
  58. How do you Italian?
    Come si italiano ?
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