Classic Flaws Example set 1

  1. If you ride a wild horse, you are on adventurous sort (wild horse --> adventurous sort) All the adventurous sorts desire the thrill of the new ( adventurous sort---> thrill of new ). Therefore, if you desire the trill of the news, you must have ridden a wild horse. ( thrill of the new ---> wild horse) 
    Bad Conditional Reasoning
  2. The AKA's lack of chemistry with the Alphas and their extra personalities made the step show unwatchable . Therefore, the AKAs caused the temporary downfall
    Bad Casual Reasoning
  3. Imagine that you have the best kind of pie , a cheesecake pie. You cut a normally proportioned piece of pie for yourself. That piece of pie is vaguely triangular. Now you turn to a friend and tell them that since this piece of pie is triangular , the whole pie is triangular. The friend you say this to is no longer your friend
    Whole- to- Part & Part - to - whole
  4. Lina was quite clever in her paper on shark anatomy. So line is a clever person
  5. Tracey ran the fastest time at her local track meet. So Tracey is a fast person
  6. A Survey of Alumni of the class of 1960 at Aurora university yielded puzzling results . When asked to indicate their academic rank, half of the respondents reported that they were in the top quarter of the graduating class in 1960
    Survey Problem
  7. Imagine you're a researchers comparing two groups : one exercise and one doesn't. You get results saying the exercise group is healthier(Its easier to assume they're healthier because of the exercise right? That's the TRAP. There could be crucial difference between the two groups besides the exercise
    False Starts
  8. Tracey believes there is an omnipotent robot overload in charge of our daily lives. Robot overloads always near pearl earrings. Therefore, Tracey believes a pear earring   wearer is in charge of our daily lives.
  9. Banks deposit are credited on the date of the transaction only when they are made before 3 p.m . Alice knows that the bank deposit was made before 3 p.m. So, Alicia knows that the bank deposit was credited on the date of the transaction
  10. Commentator: Because of teaching hiring freezes, the quality of education in that country will not improve. Thus, it will surely deteriorate. (the quality of education isnt going up so it must go down )
    False Dichotomy
  11. Because Raoul is a vegetarian he will not have the pepperoni pizza for lunch. it follows that he will have the cheese pizza. (Author limited options by assuming there are only cheese ans pepperoni pizza for lunch
    False Dichotomy
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