Geography 7 chapter 8

  1. the movement of people into one country from another
  2. the American South & Southwest.
    Fast - growing - growing manufacturing, service & tourism industries
  3. the movement of people from rural areas to cities.
  4. includes a city of 50,000 or more plus outlying community's
    metropolitan area
  5. communities surrounding a city
  6. when a metropolis continues to grow in population, people & development spread
    urban sprawl
  7. a chain of closely linked metropolitan areas e.g. Boswash
  8. an informal network of safe houses that helped runaway slaves escape to the North
    Underground Railroad
  9. cultivating land to catch & hold water ( on the great planes )
    dry farming
  10. speaking 2 languages
  11. the percentage of people who can read and write.
    literacy rate
  12. Blends African rhythms with European harmony
  13. colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain, Many of whom relocated to Canada after the Revolution.
  14. How did immigration lead to migration and population distribution in the U.S.?
    • As more immigrants came in more people moved from the east to the west.
    • They arrived in New York from Europe and moved west.
  15. Where did immigrants from Asia first settle?
    In San Francisco
  16. What happened as more immigrants came?
    More established communities moved westward.
  17. What helped make the movement west easier and increased the numbers?
    The railroads moving out west.
  18. When was the most migration to the west?
    In the mid - 1800's
  19. What areas were most attractive for people to settle?
    Those areas with ample water and places with means of transportation (like the railroads).
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