Adrenal Embryology

  1. Two germ layers that formed the Adrenal gland:
    • Mesodermal portion- forms cortex
    • Ectodermal portion – forms medulla
  2. Mesodermal origin will form the ______, and Ectodermal origin forms ______
    • Cortex
    • Medulla
  3. During the ______ week, _________ cells begin to proliferate and penetrate the underlying ______
    • Fifth
    • Mesothelial
    • Mesenchyme
  4. Cells proliferation begins near the ____, which is a structure that also gives rise to ______ and _____
    • Three sets of kidneys (pronephron. Mesonephro, metanephro)
    • Gonads
  5. Primitive (Fetal) cortex of the adrenal gland is formed by _____
    Mesothelial cells that differentiate into large acidophilic cells
  6. How is the definitive cortex formed?
    Second wave of mesothelial cells penetrates the mesenchyme and surroudns the original acidiophilic cell mass (primitive cortex)
  7. When does DHEA secretion start?
    Second trimester
  8. In the second trimester, DHEA is secreted from _____ cortex
  9. DHEA is converted by _______ to ______
    • Placenta
    • Estradiol
  10. How is estradiol formed?
    Placenta conversion of DHEA
  11. Wha hormone secreted by the fetal cortex is essential for maintaining pregnancy?
    • DHEA
    • Products secreted from the fetal adrenal cortex also influence maturation of lungs, liver, GI and regulating birth
  12. T/F: after birth, fetal cortex regresses and becomes a vestigial part of the outer kidney
    False; after birth fetal cortex regresses and remaining cells differentiate into 3 layers of the adrenal cortex
  13. _____ cells invade the medial aspect of the developing organ to become the _______
    • Neural crest cells
    • Adrenal medulla
  14. Differentiated neural crest cells are called the ______ cells, and these represent specialized ______sympathetic neurons, which produce ______
    • Chromaffin cells
    • Post-ganglionic
    • Norepinephrine, epinephrine
  15. T/F: like kidneys, adrenal glands also migrate from the pelvis then move superiorly
    False; adrenal glands do not migrate, they develop in adult position and wait for kidneys to come meet them!
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