4th grade explorer test

  1. What continents make up America or the "New World"?
    North and South America
  2. Who were the first to arrive in America?
    The Native Americans (Indians)
  3. Who were the first recorded "explorers" to come to America?
    • The Vikings
    • Leif Erikson
  4. This European its credited with "finding" America.  Who is it?
    Christopher Columbus
  5. About what year did Leif Erikson come to America?
    1000 AD
  6. Who paid for Columbus's voyage?
  7. What are the three reasons we discussed that started Europeans coming to America?
    • The church started to lose power making exploration more acceptable.
    • The development of navigational tools.
    • The interest in trading with distant lands began to increase.
  8. What explorer is America named after?
    Amerigo Vespucci
  9. Why did we name America after Vespucci and not Columbus?
    Vespucci was the first to declare this land a "new world".  Columbus thought he was in India.
  10. Name 3 reasons explorers may have chosen to explore.
    • For the adventure - challenge
    • Trade -
    • Gold - wealth
    • To find out more about the world
    • To claim land for their country
    • To find a easier way to get to Asia for spices
    • To spread Christianity
  11. Name 3 problems/challenges explorers encountered.
    • Sickness - scurvy, cholera, and dysentery
    • maps were unreliable
    • hunger - their food spoiled
    • bad weather
    • natives
  12. This person sailed for England in 1497.
    John Cabot
  13. This person sailed for Spain in 1513 and is credited with finding Florida.
    Juan Ponce de Leon
  14. This person is credited with being the first to discover the mainland of North America.
    John Cabot
  15. This person sailed for Spain in 1519 to explore Mexico.
    Juan Ponce de Leon
  16. This person sailed for France in 1535.
    Jacques Cartier
  17. This person conquered the Aztecs in Mexico.
    Hernando Cortes
  18. This person found Quebec, Canada.
    Jacques Cartier
  19. This person sailed for Spain in 1541 and found the Grand Canyon as he explored the southwest area of the United States.
    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
  20. This person sailed for England in 1609 and is credited with finding 3 bodies of water that now have his name.
    Henry Hudson
  21. This person Sailed for France in 1677 and is credited with finding the Great Lakes.
    Robert de la Salle
  22. Name 2 positive impacts exploration had on America.
    • Explorers brought cows, horses, sheep, chickens, and pigs
    • The Spanish brought sugar
    • The Native Americans were introduced to new crops like bananas, coffee, black pepper, and sugar
    • The Native Americans introduced Europeans to new crops like potatoes, corn, chocolate, and tobacco
  23. Name 2 negative impacts of exploration of America.
    • Europeans brought measles, smallpox, and other deadly diseases to America killing many Native Americans.
    • Europeans brought rats over to America who ate a lot of food and spread diseases.
    • Europeans brought slavery to North America.
  24. Know these items came FROM Europe TO America.
    horses, cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs, bananas, coffee, black pepper and sugar
  25. Know these items came FROM America and were brought TO Europe.
    potatoes, corn, chocolate, and tobacco
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