1. Pyrotechnics can be found in what publications.
  2. What is the MK-4?
    A signal cartridge.
  3. What is the MK-79 Mod 0/2?
    A distress signal kit
  4. What are the components of the MK-79?
    • MK-31 Mod 0 surface protector.
    • Plastic bandoleer holding MK-80 mod 0 hand fired signal.
    • MK-79 Mod 2 kit w/MK-80 Mod 2 signal.
    • Instruction sheet.
  5. What is a MK-13?
    • A day/night land/sea signal marker.
    • Emits orange day and red flame at night.
  6. How long dose the MK-13 burn for?
    20 minutes
  7. What is the MK-124 MOD 0?
    A day/night land/sea rescue signal flare.
  8. What is the MK-4 Mod 3 used with?
    Practice bombs MK-76, MK-106, BDU-33, BDU-48
  9. What is the CXU-3/B & CXU-3A/B
    An impact location practice bomb.
  10. The CXU-3/B & CXU-3A/B produces what color smoke for for day missions?
  11. What is MLM?
    Marine location marker
  12. What type of smoke/flame dose MK-25 emit?
    White smoke/yellow flame
  13. How long dose the MK-25 burn for?
    15 minutes.
  14. What is the MK-58 and what dose it emit.
    A saltwater activated MLM that produces yellow flame and white smoke.
  15. The MK-58 is activated for how long?
    40-60 minutes.
  16. How is the MK-58 launched.
    Air, hand, surface.
  17. What is a LUU-2A/B
    A land base aircraft only flare.
  18. The LUU-2B/B timer knob needs how much pressure to activate?
  19. What is a SUU-25F/A?
    Flare Dispenser
  20. What publication can be used for flare dispenser
  21. SUU-25F/A has two suspension lugs mounted in a row on top of the suspension how far apart?
    14 inches
  22. The SUU-25F/A has what type of recepticals
  23. What dose CADs stand for?
    Cartridge actuated divides.
  24. What is the commonly used piece of ordnance in the fleet?
  25. Periodically review all electronically initiated CADs with _ to ensure correct handling in regards to _
    • NAVSEAOP 3565
    • HERO
  26. What is AECM?
    Airborne expendable countermeasures and associated cartridges
  27. What is TD stand for?
    Technical Directive
  28. What dose NAR stand for?
    Notice of ammunition reclassification
  29. In depth information on impulse cartridges can be located on the _ which takes precedence over any pub.
    NA 11-100-1.1-CD
  30. What are active expendables
    AECM that generate rf on their own instead of reflecting rdr energy back toward the rdr
  31. What is a RT-1489?
    Generic expendable (GENX) microwave transmitter/receiver utilizing microwave integrated circuits.
  32. What is the RT-1489 is dispensed by what two dispensers?
    • ALE-39
    • ALE-47
  33. What is the SM-875/A and the SM-875/B
    IR decoy fare simulator for training purposes.
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