Gluten Free Diet

  1. This type of protein permanently attaches itself to the sugars that line your cells.  In turn they damage gut villi and disrupt the small intestines.
    Lectins do this.  Regarding cells.
  2. One powerful anti-oxidant is also a powerful stimulant.  This is?
    Coffee is this.
  3. What hormone balances sodium and potassium levels in the body?
    aldestorone is this.
  4. The foods containing the most lectins, for those that cannot lectins, are?
    • Acronym: cash gets you cases of corn and , milk, and soybeans. 
    • cashews
    • casein A1 milk
    • corn and corn-fed meats
    • casein A1 milk
    • unfermented soybeans
  5. bile is produces by what organ?
    The liver produces this.
  6. When bile is created, it is passed by the liver to the gall bladder for storage until what time?
    When fat is digested, it requires this from the gall bladder.
  7. This hormone increases blood sugar, suppresses the immune system, and decreases bond formation.  It is commonly after exercise in the blood stream, and during times of stress.
    This describes cortisol and its effects.
  8. These mimic proteins in your gut or going spaces, these can cause your body to attack your thyroid and contribute to rheumatoid arthritis.
    These are found in potatoes, lentils, peppers, and tomatoes and all nightshade family vegetables.
    Lectics do this to your joints and contribute to this type of arthritis.
  9. This binds with minerals in your digestive trac and make them less available to your body?
    phytates bind with these.
  10. What are phytates
    cows and sheep have special bacteria to help them break down these. Humans, chickes, and pigs don't have this. It's best to eat something that can handle phytates.
    phytic acid, is a naturally occurring compound found in all plant foods like beans, grains, nuts, and seeds.
  11. What can lectins be found in?
    • This anti-nutrient can be found in:
    • beans  
    • Nuts: peanuts
    • lentils
    • tomatoes
    • potatoes
    • eggplant
    • fruits
    • wheat
    • grains.
  12. One form of naturally occurring anti-fungal agent is what?
    coconut oil is this anti-_______.
  13. dietary fat has more energy than any other nutrient.  Unlike protein and sugar, this does not affect this level.
    What is insulin level and fat absorption.
  14. What causes leptin resistance?
    This hormone, with a P is always trumped by this with a C.
    What is caused by lectins (with a C)
  15. this bacteriodetes phylum includes what?
  16. Firmiculites are part of the bacteriodetes phylum and are only naturally occurring in the presence of this chemical.
    polyphenols.  (dark chocolate, coffee, some red wines)
  17. Primarily two opposing hormones are in the driver's seat for hunger.  What are they?
    • ghrelin: produced by the stomach's lining.  
    • Leptins: produced by fat cells.
  18. fat cells create this.
    leptins setiate hunger by this type of cell.
  19. This is produced by the stomach's lining and setiates hunger.
    Ghrelin (think gremlin) is produced in this location.
  20. using leptin, your liver converts fructose to either of these two chemical forms.
    • glucose or 
    • triglycerides is created by the liver and comes from this chemical.
  21. this hormone does a terrible job of turning off the hunger switch because of the sugar found in this.
    What is fructose which creates grhelin from the stomach's lining.   This in turn eventually satiates hunger.
  22. A doctor in the 1950's conducted a famous study that was flawed in atleast two ways.  Since then, more than 66 studies have shown this conclusion to be incorrect, that fat causes heart disease.
    Alice Keys did this study.  We now know that fat is needed for bile creation at the liver that then allows the gall bladder to remove toxins and the endocrine system to produce hormones.
  23. A histamine created from food in your gut's bacteria is what?  And what breaks this down?
    BA: biogenic amines.  Your liver uses enzymes to break these down.
  24. men who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to incur what?
    prostate cancer.
  25. restricting sodium to less than 2500 milligrams a day causes what to happen?
    • ⇒aldosterone becomes deregulated
    • makes your plasma renin activity go up,
    • ⇒increasing your risk for heart attack.
  26. Too little of three minerals in the body causes high blood pressure.
    too little of calcium, magnesium, and potassium can cause this to increase.
  27. the most likely cause of rheumatism, arthritis, gout, kidney stones, and gallstones is what?
    The use of table salt with anit-caking agents like pure sodium and toxic aluminum can increase the sodium levels in the blood and cause this.
  28. the lining of your nerves is called what?  And what is it made of?
    Myelin is also fat.  This lines these.
  29. Is zero cholesterol good for the human body?
    No.  The cholesterol is so important that your liver creates it.  Regardless of whether you ingest it.
  30. the average amount of fat that is good for the average person per day is how much?
    8-10 tablespoons or 120-150 miligrams each day of this is needed on average in a man's diet each day.
  31. the fat that tends to better for consumption is described in what way?
    Fat that has shorter chains is better for people.  Very short chain fats are butter, and medium can be coconut oil.
  32. The most stable fats are what and why?
    saturated because saturated fat molecules have fewer places for oxygen to damage them through oxidation.
  33. unsaturated fats are the most damaging, but our bodies need them in moderation.  the two the human body needs are what type?
    Omega 3 and Omega 6 are these.
  34. What is Omega 6, an unhealthy unsaturated fat found in some of the highest quantities?
    Poultry is most commonly full of this type of fat.
  35. What can an excess of protein cause?  what digests protein in the human anatomy?
    An inflammatory response can occur if too much of this is ingested.  Your liver requires an efficient source of fuel to digest protein.  this comes from fat or glucose.
  36. Some people feel they need more protein.  some people can eat up to how much a percentage of their daily diet in protein percentage wise?
    20% up to this percentage of consumption of this may be necessary for some people.  the rule of thumb is if you feel a craving for protein, then eat it, up to 20% of the daily caloric intake.
  37. The rule of thumb is .________MG to ._______MG of protein per day per pound of body weight.
    .325 and .75MG of protein per day.
  38. What color is fat with a high nutrient density; such as, grass fed meat?  Omega 3.
    yellow is the color of this type of fat.
  39. what are the symptoms of cutting too many carbs?
    • dry eyes
    • poor sleep
    • damage to the thyroid: over a long period of no carbs.  
  40. What type of starch can radically change our gut biome and cause it to produce a beneficial fatty acid called this?
    resistant starch and this can create the fatty acid butyrate that in turn can radically change this.
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