3rd Grade Missouri History Study Guide

  1. What were Missouri's first settlers known for.
    Building mounds
  2. Missouri's first explorers in 1673 were...
    Marquette and Jolliet
  3. In 1682 Robert de la Salle claims land for France that he calls...
  4. In 1803 France sells Louisiana to the U.S. for how much money?
    $15 million - about 3 cents per acre.
  5. In 1818 Missouri Territory asks Congress if it can become a _____________ state.
  6. Once the Civil War end, St. Louis, and Kansas City ...
    continue to grow.
  7. What did Jefferson ask Lewis and Clark to do on their expedition?
    To bring back information on animals, Native Americans and the land (map making).
  8. When Missouri became a territory in 1812 the first capital was named...
    St. Louis
  9. Why was Missouri first turned down when they requested to become a state?
    It would make the number of slave a free states uneven.
  10. What did the Missouri Compromise do?
    • It admitted Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state to keep the balance.
    • It made a line that divided the Louisiana purchase and above the line there was NO slavery, but below the line was slavery.
  11. Who was Dred Scott?
    A slave who sued his owner for freedom since he had been taken by his owner to some free states.
  12. What is a "border state"?
    It was the slave state that decided NOT to leave the Union during the Civil War.
  13. During the war 110,000 Missourians fought for the ____________.
    Union Army
  14. During the war 40,000 Missourians fought for the __________________.
  15. After the war what made Kansas City and St. Louis thrive and grow?
    The railroads that brought many immigrants from the east to Missouri.
  16. After the civil war what 3 countries did many of the immigrants come from?
    Germany, Ireland, and Italy
  17. What two main trails going west ran through Independence?
    The Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail
  18. What was the name of the mail route that began in St. Joseph Missouri and went to Sacramento California?
    The Pony Express
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3rd Grade Missouri History Study Guide
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