Spanish Quiz 2

  1. sevir
    to serve
  2. seguir
    to follow or continue
  3. repetir
    to repeat
  4. decir
    to say or tell
  5. conseguir
    to get or obtain
  6. pedir
    to ask for or request
  7. revolver
    to turn around
  8. devolver
    to return or give back
  9. volver
    to return
  10. recordar
    to remember
  11. poder
    to be able; can
  12. mostrar
    to show
  13. encontrar
    to find
  14. dormir
    to sleep
  15. contrar
    to count or tell
  16. almorzar
    to have lunch
  17. querer
    to want or love
  18. perder
    to lose, miss or waste
  19. pensar
    to think or plan
  20. entender
    to understand
  21. empezar
    to begin
  22. comenzar
    to begin
  23. cerrar
    to close
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Spanish Quiz 2
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