Vocabulary Quiz #2

  1. caustic
    • sarcastic, biting
    • very harsh and critical

    • Jerry’s caustic tongue often got him into trouble, because of his sarcastic remarks.
  2. dupe (n.)
    a person easily tricked;

    My brother is a schemer who is always trying to dupe people out of their money.
  3. euphemism
    a less offensive term;

    He used a euphemism to disguise his real feelings about the incident, so as not to offend anyone.
  4. incipient
    just beginning to develop or exist;

    My grandmother is suffering from the incipient stage of Alzheimer’s, with medication it can be slowed down.
  5. incongruous
    inappropriate, not proper or suitable

    How incongruous of my fat doctor to tell me I need to loose weight. that was so inappropriate!
  6. infamous
    having a bad reputation; known for evil acts or crimes

    Al Capone was one of the Americas most infamous mobsters, for all the evil acts of crime he committed.
  7. mundane
    worldly, earthly: dull and ordinary

    If you want to escape from the mundane, get out and do something exciting this weekend.
  8. ominous
    threatening, menacing;

    Because of the ominous music, we knew something bad was about to happen in the movie.
  9. wrest
    to pull or take by force;

    My wife had to wrest the candy bar from my hands, because it was not good for my diabetes.
  10. alacrity
    briskness, lively action; quick willingness

    What broke my alacrity to lose weight was my irresistible craving for sweets.
  11. aspirant
    candidate for high position;

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both aspirants for high position in the land, to be President.
  12. belligerent
    • warlike, angry and aggressive
    • engaged in a war

    While many professional wrestlers may appear belligerent, in reality, most of them are really nice.
  13. brash
    impudent, insolent, rude;

    I did not like the brash salesman who knocked on my door because of his rude attitude, so I closed the door.
  14. feint
    a false attack; a quick movement you make to trick an opponent

    My knockout combination in boxing is a feint right hand lead, followed by a left hook, which tricks opponents every time.
  15. laceration
    jagged wound; a deep cut or tear of the flesh

    Because the laceration was so deep and ugly, Dean was rushed to the emergency room by an ambulance.
  16. pugnacious
    quarrelsome, combative; showing a readiness or desire to fight or argue

    John’s pugnacious behavior causes him to have few friends, due to argumentative behavior.
  17. solace
    easing of grief; to give comfort to in grief or misfortune

    Too many troubled teenagers believe they can find solace in drugs, unfortunately instead drugs just brings more grief.
  18. tangible
    having actual form; easily seen or recognized; able to be touched or felt

    • The trial judge was only interested in evidence that was tangible and visible.
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