Application Questions Order

  1. Order (Applications Questions Only)

    Most useful for FIRST/NEXT type test questions:
    • Safety 
    • Feelings
    • Assess
    • Refer (medical, substance or lack expertise)
    • Educate (empower/psychoeducation)
    • Advocate (action oriented, help client initiate action) 
    • Facilitate (find resources for client based on identified problem)
    • Intervene (direct action if client cannot do it him/herself -Crisis) 

    **Answer Should Help improve the problem
  2. SMART Goal
    • Specific 
    • Measurable 
    • Achievable 
    • Relevant 
    • Timely
  3. Bereavement/Grief

    • Denial 
    • Anger 
    • Barging
    • Depression 
    • Acceptance
  4. “AASPIRINS” (Application Questions Only) 

    It most helpful for questions that ask what is
    the BEST (or MOST reasonable) option/plan of action:
    • A: Acknowledge client/patient. Begin building rapport.
    • A: Assess
    • S: Start where the patient is at
    • P: Protect life (of the individual and community…this one is about  determining/preventing danger to self and others)
    • I: Intoxicated do not treat. Refer
    • R: Rule out medical issue
    • I: Informed consent
    • N: Non-judgmental stance
    • S: Support patient self-determination
  5. What to do FIRST or NEXT Questions
    • (1) All answers are what you should do or could do
    • (2) See where the question stem left you in the process (where did the question leave you) 
    • (3) Rule out obvious wrong answer to narrow down choices
    • (4) Put remaining answers in order 
    • (5) Pick answer based on order (next logically step)
  6. How to answer MOST Important /Best questions
    • (1) If you could only pick one - only given one option that's the answer.
    • (2) If you had to tell your supervision what you did, what would be the answer that you can justify as the most important step to have taken in that situation.
    • (3) Sometimes answer can be all encompassing ex. Needs assessment vs focus group. Focus group, surveys, interviews can all be part of needs assessment.
  7. How to answer MOST Important Questions
    Consider Ethical Values from Code to ethics. Which value is at place in the question stem?
  8. Read questions very carefully and be aware of questions that are asked in the negative
    • what is the least likely...
    • What would you not do... 
    • what is the last thing a... 
    • what would be the least effective....
  9. When questions ask "...which of the following is
    • (A)Determine the direction of the question 
    • ...looking for true 
    • ...looking for false

    • (B) ask self if the answer is true or false
    • (C) Write true or false next to each response
    • (D) if more then one pick the best one
  10. The Problem Solving Process
    (It useful to classify answer choices into these stages in order to select what comes first or next.)
    • Attention Should be paid as to what part of the helping process a SW and client are theoretically engaged in
    • Engagement
    • Assessment 
    • Planning 
    • Interventions 
    • Evaluation
    • Termination
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