DH theory

  1. subgingival explorer
    adapts along line angles and root curvatures, good for deep exams
  2. sickle or shephards hook explorer
    detects pits, fissures, restoration margins, and caries, not adapted for subgingival exam or deep exam
  3. cow horn or pigtail explorer
    detects caries or gingival exam, not fit for deeper pockets
  4. carpal tunnel syndrome
    • deviation of wrist from NWP, too much pinching (forming tunnel) not enough rest
    • numbness in fingers and thumb
  5. tilting head forward hunched or rounded shoulders continously reaching over head. numbness or pain in hand or wrist
    thoracic outlet syndrome
  6. areas of friction or impingement anywhere in the body, usually the shoulder. decreased range of motion, aching
  7. repeated wrist extension or palmar flexion. pain in outer edge of hand and wrist
  8. prolonged static postures of forward flexion, hypertextension, lateral bending or rotation of the spine.
    pain or numbness in arm, fingers, lower back, hip, or leg
  9. bending hand up, down, or from side to side at the wrist, and holding little finger away. pain and loss of strength in lower arm and wrist
    ulnar nerve entrapment
  10. holding lower arm away from body.
    pronatar syndrome
  11. hand twisting, forceful gripping, bending hand back or side. pain on side of wrist and bast of thumb, crackling noise
  12. extending the fingers independantly of each other. loss of strength and pain in fingers
    extensor wad strain
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