Coagulation Factors Classified by their Physical Properties

  1. What are the Contact Proteins for Coagulation Factors
    • Factor XI
    • Factor XII
    • Prekallikrein (PK)
    • Kininogen (HMWK)
  2. what is the function of contact proteins
    involved in initial phase of intrinsic system activation
  3. deficiency in contact proteins leads to what (what protein deficiency is the exception)
    • usually asymptomatic
    • except XI deficiency which usually results to a mild bleeding disorder
  4. Factor XII and prekallikrein deficiencies leads to what
  5. what are the factors in prothrombin group?
    • Factor II
    • Factor VII
    • Factor IX
    • Factor IX
    • Factor X
    • Protein C
    • Protein S
    • Protein Z
  6. What is the unique component in the prothrombin group
    gamma - carboxyglutamic acid
  7. what is the importance of gamma carboxyglutamic acid in prothrombin group?
    critical for Factor IV (Ca2+) to bind to platelet phospholipid surface
  8. What molecule is required for prothrombin group proteins
    Vitamin K dependent
  9. prothrombin group is also known as
    Vit K dependent clotting factors
  10. What is the importance of Vit K for prothrombin group
    required for carboxylation of glutamic acid residues
  11. Is the prothrombin group stable or unstable in stored plasma
    stable and preserved in stored plasma
  12. what are the antagonists to Vitamin K
    • Warfarin¬†
    • Coumadin
  13. What does Warfarin and Coumadin do?
    inhibit the Vitamin K dependent carboxylation of glutamic acid
  14. What does the lack of Vit K do for the proteins in prothrombin group?
    Factors are still produced but are nonfunctional
  15. Describe how acquired deficiencies of Vit K coagulation factors can occur
    body doesn't store Vit K because it is produced in equilibrium levels by normal flora in gut

    deficiencies may be due to surgery, IV antibiotics, liver disease
  16. what organ produces most of the coagulation factors?
  17. where is vWF produced
    • endothelial cells
    • megakaryocytes
  18. What are the factors in the Fibrinogen Grouop
    • Factor I
    • Factor V
    • Factor VIII
    • Factor XIII
  19. fibrinogen group are also called
    thrombin sensistive clotting factors that consist of high molecular weight proteins
  20. what are the least stable (labile) factors in fibrinogen group
    • Factor V
    • Factor VIII: anti haemophiliac A Factor
  21. Where are the firbinogen group proteins found in
    • plasma¬†
    • platelets
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